Italian election was a win in the REAL World War III

By Jack Cashill

War has engulfed the Western world, a cold war at this stage, but a war nonetheless. What makes this war different from any that preceded it is that alliances are joined not between nations but between peoples of those nations.

The sides are drawn. The globalists have the resources. The nationalists have the will, and they also have a new heroine.

In the space of just a few days Italy’s Prime Minister-elect Giorgia Meloni has emerged as an international conservative superstar. A fiery Meloni speech has already attracted nearly 20 million viewers, the great majority of whom had not even heard of her a week ago.

“They attack national identity,” she said as translated. “They attack religious identity. They attack gender identity. They attack family identity.” The reason “they” do this, Meloni continued, is to make the individual “the perfect consumer.”

Rarely has a political figure defined what a conservative does so precisely: “We will defend God, country and family,” said Meloni. “We will do it to defend our freedom.” Conservatives conserve.

What conservatives conserve will vary from country to country but only around the edges. The “they” that attempt to erase the individual’s identity will also vary, but again, by degrees.

Meloni, I think, identifies the “they” too narrowly as “financial speculators.” More broadly, the opposition is that loose coalition of world leaders, in and out of government, who put global interests above national ones.

This is a coalition of long-standing. What is new is its members’ open alliance with the woke international left on self-destructive issues such as race, gender, open borders and climate alarmism.

New too is their willingness to use the brute power of state to enforce conformism, as they showed with their universally oppressive approach to COVID.

These oppositional forces are keen on making themselves the “enemy.” As long as they control the media, they will welcome war against their own people. As Pierre Trudeau showed with the Canadian truckers, they win every time.

Seeing this leftward shift, conservatives today find it harder to identify with their own leaders, if globalist, than they do with the people of other countries, if nationalist.

In watching Meloni in Italy or Marine le Pen in France or Victor Orban in Hungary or Nigel Farage in Britain or Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil or a Donald Trump in America, conservatives everywhere have come to understand their real allies are not other nations but the anti-globalists in those nations.

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If the nature of conservatism varies from country to country, the nature of the opposition varies little. Its media are programmed to react hysterically to any conservative win wherever it may occur.

I happened to be in Paris in 2005, in Notre Dame providentially, when the announcement was made that Josef Ratzinger, a known conservative, had been named Pope Benedict XVI.

Upon leaving the cathedral, I was approached by a French news crew that wanted to know what I thought of the announcement. In French, I told the reporter I thought it was a bon choix, a good choice.

The reporter seemed stunned. “Pourquoi?” he asked. I said that the new pope respects the Church, respects tradition. He rolled his eyes and walked away. I thought it was my half-assed French that put him off.

It wasn’t. It was my answer. The European media, I came to see, greeted the news of Benedict’s elevation as warmly as they greeted Donald Trump’s election or the Brexit victory. The story in all its horror dominated the news for a week.

The NBC piece on Meloni’s victory would have done Goebbels proud. Within 30 seconds, the viewer sees images of a shouting Benito Mussolini and learns that Meloni’s party “has ideological roots in Italy’s neo-fascist party.”

Within a minute, the viewer learns that Meloni is a “threat to democracy” – sound familiar? – for her plan to block illegal immigrants from coming in to Italy.

The opening of NBC’s written piece on the election sounds some more familiar themes: “Giorgia Meloni, a nationalist accused by political rivals and experts of spreading white supremacist ideas, was set Monday to become Italy’s first far-right leader since World War II.”

Left unsaid is that unnamed leftist “experts” everywhere have been calling their opponents “white supremacists” for the last several years. The old standby, “racism,” had lost its punch from overuse.

To date, the worldwide war between right and left has remained surprisingly peaceful. In the face of a hostile media, conservatives rely on the power of their ideas to win elections. Meloni showed them how.

Leftists everywhere in the developed world know that the actual practice of democracy is a threat to their own power. Meloni’s victory showed that too.

In the United States, even with the media on their side, the Democrats are losing the battle of ideas, and they know it. Facing defeat in November, they hope to escalate the war from cold to hot.

Their basic strategy is to provoke conservatives to violence through unprecedented, in-your-face oppression. Phone seizures of pillow manufacturers? A two-dozen strong FBI raid on Catholic father’s home over a shoving incident? A raid on a former president’s home?

Unable to convince enough Americans that the unarmed riot on January 6 was an “insurrection,” they want a real insurrection to suppress – most definitely before Nov. 8.

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