People go into politics to do good and end up doing very well

By Around the Web

(CSTNEWS.COM) — A new film has been released dealing with Hunter Biden’s misadventures in parts of the world where he and his father-president almost broke their backs carrying away baskets-full of cash. Newsweek reported that the film made “accusations of criminal activity against Hunter and Joe Biden, sex, drug misuse, scandal, exploitation and murder.”

In 2019, Biden was worth 1.5 million dollars, and today is worth 9 million. After he left the office of Vice President in January 2017, he earned “more than $15 million in a little more than two years! Much of it was from speeches that paid him $200,000 per speech. Come now, simple ones, who would even suggest that Biden could say anything worth $20? Now that he is President, his speeches will be worth even more. Well, they won’t be worth more money, but he will be paid more. Big difference.

Biden’s son Hunter has done very well in business because of his association with a China bank while his dad was vice president. Plus, the Daily Mail reported that Hunter “was paid $83,333 a month by Ukrainian gas company to be a ‘ceremonial figure,’” and Hunter’s firm was paid a total of $3.4 million! Also, the daughters of Clinton and Bush greatly benefited from their family association.

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