Remember: Republicans are an arm of the UniParty

By Ilana Mercer

All you need to know about the depredations on the open, southern border, about inflation and the scandal of armed IRS recruits, who, in addition to fleecing you without flinching, are now ready to fire on you, is this:

The crypto-establishmentarians at Fox News are dissembling about the change that is a-coming. Even if the GOP sweeps both chambers in November 2022 and nets the presidency in 2024, as it did in 2016, nothing much is likely to change for you and me.

As the TV bobbleheads speak at you about the worthy Republican electoral sweep ahead, remember: There is only one single political verity you need to bear in mind: The UniParty and those who carry water for it equals treason, always. Reflexively so.

The $220 trillion (plus) in unfunded liabilities created under both Democrats and Republicans cannot be reversed. Too huge. The tipping point has been reached vis-a-vis spending and inflation. Besides, and, “Contrary to popular myth,” demurred James Ostrowski, a libertarian legal theorist, “every Republican president since and including Herbert Hoover has increased the federal government’s size, scope or power – and usually all three. Include regulations and foreign policy, as well as budgets approved by a Republican Congress, and a picture begins to emerge of the Republican Party as a reliable engine of government growth.”


As to the GOP vow to “close the border.” On this score, all you need to know is the following:

Once illegals present at the border, they are never turned back, but are processed and released, a reality that is the legal creation of the UniParty. Accordingly, any claimant other than a white South African can arrive at that border, do his Les Misérables act, claim to face a “credible fear” back home, get a court date, and then bolt like so many rabbits, to be seen again only at the voting booth, the welfare office, the DMV and at DACA demonstrations. These “credible fear” incomers are also the malcontents holding up signs that read “America is racist.”

Argue all you wish that immigration law does not sanction what’s occurring on the southwestern border, but it is a fact that the Republicans have allowed this practice of the law to prevail, and the GOP conducts itself as if this is the law of the land.

Whether this is the case or not in law, Democrats and Republicans alike govern as if the law actually dictates that invaders-cum-“refugees” are to be always processed but never expelled from the United States. For practical purposes, that’s all you need to know.

The GOP, when it controlled both chambers and the presidency in 2017, did not void the “credible fear” standard of open-border immigration, normalized by both parties. If past is prologue, it won’t in the future.

Deficits and national debt will not be reduced under the GOP; only the rate at which they accrete will be manipulated by the UniParty for public consumption.

And not one of the thousands of armed-and-dangerous IRS agents hired by the Biden Dems will ever be fired by GOPers.

Remember: The UniParty = treason.


Search for solutions outside of politics and against it, such as in informal acts of secession, which, alas, Victor Davis Hanson mistakenly and appallingly keeps calling “succession” [sic]. This mistake Hanson made on Aug. 19, on Fox News, at the 4 p.m. Pacific slot. And again, to Tucker Carlson, Aug. 31, while maligning both patriot Joe McCarthy and secession (or what he calls “succession“).

Hanson shares his “succession” etymological error with CNN’s Don Lemon, from whom a facility with the English language is not expected. More material to our case here, however, is that both the progressive ego in the anchor’s chair (Lemon) and the rightist intellectual (Hanson) are acolytes of the secession-sundering Church of Lincoln. Be it on the merits of a corporeal divorce following irreconcilable political and cultural divides – secession – or about that tragic, great hero, Joe McCarthy; to various degrees, the right will always accept the left’s historical revisionism.

Thus forging pockets of civil society independent of politicians has become all the more urgent. Salvation from the Dead Zone of politics lies in planning and creating real communities of the like-minded; in creating reality on the ground, considering that our sole political representatives, the Republicans – the Stupid Party – do not fight for us and are aces at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


For example, “On a serious country’s scale of priorities, abortion would not rate a mention,” I wrote in “Should Deranged, Moronic Females Really Be Procreating?

Have we not just lived through three years during which the Pharma State has consolidated power as never before? On pain of taking the COVID jab, the state has de facto established license to shutter a subject’s business, deny him freedom of movement, quarantine, fire and separate him from loved ones. Arrests of political opponents without due process have become more common in police state America than in Apartheid-era South Africa (which, as chronicled in “Into The Cannibal’s Pot,” was unsurprisingly legalistic and by-the-book).

In “She’s Gonna Blow,” my favorite columnist, Fred Reed, captures the decay of America in skin-crawling detail:

“Consider America today. By comparison with Japan, China, Korea, it is a barbarity, a dumpster, an asylum, an abattoir, an astonishment. San Francisco loses conventions because of needles and excrement on the sidewalks. Almost weekly we see multiple shootings in stores, high schools and, now, grade schools. Murders of whites by blacks run at 30 a month, the news being suppressed. In cities across the country crime is out of control, the tax bases moving out, bail abolished so criminals are freed in hours. Stores leave to escape undiscouraged shoplifting and robbery. Seven hundred homicides a year in Chicago, 300 in Baltimore, and at least twice as many shot but survive, similar numbers in a dozen cities. For practical purposes, law does not exist in these ungovernable enclaves.

Sexual curiosities, once called perversions, flourish with American embassies hoisting flags in support of transsexualism. Mobs topple historical statues. Many tens of thousands live on sidewalks and a hundred thousand a year die of opioid overdoses.

“The country drops math requirements and English grammar in schools, AP courses, and SATs as racist. The economy declines, jobs have left for other climes, medical care is beyond most people’s means, government is corrupt and incompetent, and wars are unending. There is actual hatred between racial, political, and regional groups. Ominously, gun sales are up.”

Yet amid the collapse of the American civilization, Republicans are most concerned with preserving the enemy’s embryos.

As a result, Pat Ryan, an affable young Democrat whose plank is abortion, has captured a New York Congressional District that could have swung Republican.

Is this a harbinger of things to come, come November 2022?

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