Satan is PO’d about WND

By Email to the Editor

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Dear Mr. Farah,

[Regarding “11 DAYS: Google is strangling us!”] Well, it appears that you have managed to massively PO Satan and his minions/worshipers/toadies. Good job! Keep it up.

You also might want to advise ALL WND readers to uninstall “Gargle” products from their computers, especially Chrome, and install alternative browsers that do not use Chrome.

Unfortunately, as long as Satan and his toadies are in the Ho’ House, things are only going to get worse.

Don’t give up!

Mike Martin

Lindsey Graham is not on our side

I don’t think Gahan Wilson does cartoons anymore (well, not since November 2019), but I remember my favorite. A guy with slit wrists, bleeding out in a bathtub, a bizarre twisted smile still frozen on his face, in a bathroom featuring yellow “Smiley Faces” on the rug, wall paper, shower curtain, etc., everywhere. A perfect encapsulization of society’s manic pretense.

Whenever Sen. Lindsey Graham spouts off his latest inverted wisdom (“Riots in the streets”), I can’t help but associate.

Hence Lindsey Gahan-Graham.

Thanks, Lindsey! If the left doesn’t lay off Trump there will be violence!

I came this close to heading to D.C. for the Jan. 6 protest. My wife was ill, so I stayed home. Small doubt I would have still been in D.C. Gitmo. So many of us were fit to be tied. Fit to be handcuffed more likely.

I agree that at some point there will be nothing else left. When they stole our country my wife said, “What does this mean?” And I said, “It means we may die fighting.”

But don’t I recall this same illustrious Lindsey Gahan-Graham gleefully pronouncing the Jan Six folk guilty enough that he’d prefer they all get locked up to rot forever? We can’t help but picture the same bent grin, amidst the little yellow smiley buttons, as he speaks.
The quintessential pol … his mouth’s open so he’s lying. Matthew 23:27: “Woe to you … hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs … beautiful outwardly … but inside … full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.”

So Graham knows what power accrues to the oppressor at the least hint of violence. Yet he speaks of it without the inescapably necessary warning.

We must remain non-violent, until the last hope of a democratic solution is exhausted. Anything else plays into their hands, to be broadcast as the excuse to crush us.

Understand: Mr. Graham is not on our side.

Jim Darlington

Class action against FBI

I read about Trump’s tweet concerning the FBI’s interference in the 2020 election. I think that someone should start a class-action lawsuit against the FBI for covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story and thereby interfering in the peoples right to a free and fair election.


Cashless global gulag ahead

On March 9, 2022, Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14067, which will create a digital currency for the United States. This will eventually bring the U.S. into a completely digital economic system. Once the digital monetary system is in place, cash will be eliminated. Once cash is eliminated and the new digital currency system is in place, it will be used by those who control it to force the people into submission. If one does not obey the edicts of those who control the digital currency system, then the ability to buy and sell could simply be turned off for those who refuse. There would be a virtual wall between the individual and their financial accounts.

Cash will no longer be an option because it will no longer be recognized by our government as currency. Government created the cash we use, and it is only good because they say it is. Cash has no intrinsic value since the bills we use as money are only paper, and our coins have no value either because they are made from junk metals. When the time comes for the transition to the cashless monetary system to be completed, cash will be declared no longer acceptable as currency. At that time it will become worthless. When the government rejects the paper currency it has printed and the worthless coins it has minted, then businesses and banks will no longer accept it. When these things happen, people will no longer accept cash as payment either. The only currency that can be used to buy or sell anything will be digital currency.

The “Holy Grail” of tyrants has always been to have the ability to force people to comply with every command. For the first time in history, this goal will be achieved by the implementation of Executive Order 14067. This will give whoever controls the system the power to force their will on everyone else. People will be compelled to do what they otherwise would not, or else they will not be able to buy or sell anything.

For instance, did you refuse to take the vaccine? Many chose not to. Well, in the digital monetary system, people could, and probably would, be compelled to take a vaccine. If you do not, and the government decides to force it upon you, you could be banned from purchasing even the most basic necessities of life. No food, no housing, no transportation or even health care. You would be unable to pay bills, taxes or meet any other financial obligation because, if you are locked out of this system, you will become an economic non-entity. Comply, or else.

In such a system, your freedom of speech and religion will be conditional on whether your views or beliefs are acceptable to those who have the power to control your ability to buy or sell. Perhaps you belong to the “wrong” political party. Perhaps your views are considered politically or socially incorrect. The result of not agreeing with those who hold this power over you could result in your financial ruin, poverty or even death.

The elimination of paper currency and coins as currency and their replacement with a completely cashless monetary system, with no cash option, will destroy liberty and bring us into a global gulag. There will be no place on earth to escape to.

Our chains are being forged, not of iron, but of the ones and zeros of the digital economic system.

This is the plan. If you don’t believe it, read Revelation chapter 13, verses 16 and 17. It’s going by the Book.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

Pastor Glenn Guest

Moses’ law vs. God’s law

[To Joseph Farah, regarding “Wasn’t the law nailed to the cross?”] The King James has it exactly right. No one observes the ordinances of handwritten law. God’s Law is written in the heart of the believer. Insist all you want, but we all know that neither you nor anyone else follows all the handwritten ordinances of the Law of MOSES, not God. Show me when you offered animal blood for your own sins as the handwritten ordinances of the law require, upon the penalty of death? Yoiur insistence is meaningless, Joseph. The Apostle Paul has it exactly right

Larry Johnstone

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