Surprise! Mom finds out her baby twins have different fathers

By Around the Web

(FOR THE LOVE OF NEWS) – A 19-year-old woman had the surprise of her life when she found out that her eight-month-old twins had different fathers. The mother was totally flabbergasted when she received the results. After she had time to process the DNA results, she realized that she had become pregnant with twins after sleeping with two different men on the same day.

No one could have imagined these results with the twin boys looking so similar. However, when doubts about who the real father was, the mother, who remains anonymous, asked for a DNA test. The test came back positive for just one of the twins.

After receiving another positive test result for the other twin from another man, she came to realize that they were all part of a rare medical phenomenon called heteroparental superfecundation. This particular case would be the twentieth recorded case known to man.

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