How tyrants and lunatics are enslaving Americans by redefining EVERYTHING

By David Kupelian

(Image by Наталия Когут from Pixabay)

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For millions of good and decent Americans, President Joe Biden’s astonishingly dark “soul of the nation” speech on Sept. 1 – delivered while bathed ominously in red lights and flanked by two Marine guards – luridly evoked the angry rantings of history’s worst dictators. How is it possible, today’s Americans wonder, that the greatest and freest nation in history has so rapidly come under the almost complete control of such serially lying, deranged, power-mad sociopaths? Leaders with nothing but contempt for America, for its history, its Constitution, its Judeo-Christian culture and its people.

How, they wonder, is the current ruling class continually able to concoct and carry out such staggeringly destructive policies? Like decimating America’s economy and purposely paralyzing its energy sector? Like tearing down the nation’s borders and intentionally flooding it with endless millions of illegal aliens? Like continually demonizing the least racist, most successful multiethnic nation in world history as somehow irredeemably racist? Like promoting widespread, taxpayer-funded child sexual abuse and mutilation, encouraging young people to “identify as transgender” and have various healthy body parts surgically amputated? Like daily branding normal, law-abiding, hard-working, Bible-believing Americans as “violent extremists,” “domestic terrorists” and “fascists” and throwing many essentially innocent people into jail, while refusing to prosecute actual “domestic terrorists,” “violent extremists” and other dangerous criminals?

To pose the question differently: By what dark magic are today’s power-obsessed oligarchs mysteriously enabled to successfully seduce, mesmerize and persuade so many Americans, as the Bible puts it, to “call evil good, and good evil,” to “put darkness for light, and light for darkness,” and to “put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter,” thereby enabling them to successfully wage an insane Marxist revolution in America, once the “sweet land of liberty”?

What’s their secret weapon?

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George Orwell’s classic novel “1984” points directly to the answer: While all the usual, tried-and-true tactics of tyrants and dictators are playing their customary sordid role in today’s America – from bribing supporters and collaborators and promising them ever more advantages, to constantly intimidating and lying to the great unwashed masses, to demonizing opponents and weaponizing all the institutions of government against them – one utterly devastating additional element enables all the other tactics to work. Yet it remains, for too many people, largely undetected and therefore invisible:

The elites are changing America’s language itself, so that people’s words – and therefore, their very thoughts – inevitably come under the control of the ruling class. It’s a way of bending reality in real time, so that what is actually illusion appears to be true, while what is real and true can readily be discredited as lies, misinformation, “extremist rhetoric” and “conspiracy theories.”

Thus, the unprecedented, banana-republic-style raid on the home of former President Donald Trump by dozens of armed FBI agents was not, you see, a raid at all, insists the Ministry of Truth (i.e., virtually the entire elite media). “The execution of a search warrant isn’t a raid,” Americans were told condescendingly. “It’s a judicially overseen process!”

Oh. So the massive, unannounced, armed police raid on a U.S. president’s home wasn’t a “raid.” But the Jan. 6, 2021, demonstration in the U.S. Capitol by that same president’s supporters, who had every reason to suspect the 2020 election had been stolen – was an “armed insurrection,” even though not one protestor was armed nor did their actions in any way amount to an “insurrection.” Nevertheless, Vice President Kamala Harris insisted the Jan. 6 “insurrection” was every bit as infamous and awful as the raid on Pearl Harbor and the 9-11 terror attacks, each of which killed thousands of Americans. Change the definitions of words and you change everything.

In the same way, the U.S. economy, which is currently driving many middle-class folks to food banks, isn’t in a “recession,” the Ministry of Truth insists. Because, you see, there’s a whole new definition of “recession,” since they just buried the old one. The economy is fine, thank you – in fact, insists the Biden White House, America is “stronger economically than we have been in history!”

But wait, what about the sky-high inflation? Even though food, gas, housing and other key expenses like cars and building materials are through the roof, some of them 20% and 30% higher than before the Biden era, the official inflation rate hovers around 8.5%? Why? Because the federal government – that is, the same entity that created the inflation – has redefined the Consumer Price Index. If 1980s’ CPI was still used to calculate today’s inflation, economists point out, the “official” inflation rate would be perhaps twice as high as what Americans are being told.

Well, at least the COVID pandemic seems to be waning, thanks to the vaccines, right? Wrong. In reality, the experimental shots the government forced on virtually everyone in the country do not work, as even its key salespeople like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx now openly admit. But wait: All vaccines prevent people from contracting and transmitting a particular disease – that’s literally what vaccines have always done! How, then, can these shots, which we now know do not work as vaccines, and which have become irrefutably associated with many deaths and serious side effects, possibly be called “vaccines”? That’s easy: The CDC quietly changed its official definition of “vaccine”! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you turn an untested, unproven, experimental gene therapy into a “vaccine”; simply change the definition of something everybody in the world has trusted and revered for more than two centuries, since the first smallpox vaccine, and re-tool the “official” definition of that almost sacred word to apply to whatever your flawed, unproven shot actually does.

These examples barely scratch the surface of the left’s full-bore Orwellian redefinition of history, politics, economics, science, culture, religion and morality – in other words, of reality – by radically messing with Americans’ language. Indeed, the ruling elite’s wild redefinition of terms like “racism,” “equity,” “justice,” “democracy,” “diversity,” “illegal alien,” “voter suppression,” “disinformation,” “domestic terrorist,” “violent extremist,” “insurrectionist,” “marriage” and scores of other terms – including, of course, “woman” – has turned America upside down, a condition they confidently define as right-side up. And if you dare disagree with their perverse, upside-down version of reality, they will intimidate, threaten, silence and punish you. Exactly as in “1984.”

Thus are today’s oligarchs able to change the way millions of people think – indeed, to force a new way of thinking, believing and acting on much of the country’s population.

All of this Orwellian tampering with language might not be quite as necessary in a nation that has never known freedom. But in the United States of America, where tens of millions of citizens are very well acquainted with genuine, God-blessed liberty – indeed, where so many have fought, bled and died to preserve it – the ruling elites find it necessary to redefine, and thereby corrupt the meaning of, everything in order to enable actual violent extremists, domestic terrorists, racists and fascists to implement the real insurrection. Theirs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The preceding is adapted from David Kupelian’s introductory story in the current issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine. An enormously powerful but little-understood weapon of war employed 24/7 by the Marxist left – namely, the flagrant redefinition of virtually all of the truly important political, cultural, economic, moral and even spiritual terms – is exposed, documented, explained and illuminated in “NEWSPEAK 2022: How tyrants and lunatics are enslaving Americans by redefining everything.”

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