China’s ‘cold war’ on American kids – which we’re allowing

By David McQuade

Dire warning: At the root of the fast-growing race and gender confusion movement is a complete political takeover. First with nose-in-the-tent, “democratic socialism” followed by authoritarian communism, not dissimilar to China.

To that end you’ve undoubtedly figured out by now that the progressive left are using and abusing your kids to get to their state-as-god, dystopian vision for America. If they can’t abort them, they can at least use them as useful idiots in furthering the godless, globalist agenda.

So, don’t be at all surprised if this increasingly belligerent “righteous hatred” toward “cisgender,” traditional, God-fearing members of society – and by that I mean you – continues to grow and flourish in the radical, any-means-to-the-end left. They’ve proven of late that nothing is beneath them. Nothing.

One of the saddest eventualities of the values-free “progressive movement” is that the tragically confused, often suicidal, kids they are unconscionably using are disposable pawns, unfortunate collateral-damage-throwaways to their end game. Even progressives will necessarily clamp down on this bizarre and unhinged lifestyle once they’ve achieved their political ends.

It’s clear by historical example that even socialism and communism can’t abide undisciplined and culturally destructive behaviors. The left’s increasingly absurd relativism, “My truth isn’t your truth, dude, pass the joint” won’t last a day under authoritarianism. Ask highly disciplined, ideologically driven China.

Rest assured Beijing’s educational system and military aren’t focused on how many genders they can dream up, “inclusion and equity,” or which pronouns a soldier may prefer. The Chicoms don’t destroy their culture with open borders and calling anyone who disagrees with national sovereignty a “racist.”

Which brings me to the point of today’s column and my dire warning for parents:

China’s TikTok is intentionally fueling the confusion and cultural upheaval – in America, that is. Mixed in with addictive cat videos, talented athletes and gifted musicians are incredibly dark threads that will take your children down unthinkable rabbit holes they may not be able to emerge from. Regardless of their interests when entering the wide part of the misleading entertainment funnel, nefarious algorithms will see to that.

We’ve become frogs in a thought kettle, and they are slowly but surely turning up the heat.

To our peril we think of war as only artillery, tanks and warbirds – kind of like we see night after night on newsfeeds from Ukraine. But given our connected world, that’s a dangerous and outdated assumption.

I’ll stipulate, given China’s stated goal of world domination, that their military on the rise is indeed a global threat. But we are already in a non-kinetic war with technologically advanced China – and I don’t mean only the drug war waged against your family members from Chinese-manufactured fentanyl distributed by Mexican cartels. Again, no artillery needed to kill hundreds of thousands of fighting age.

Even more nationally fatal than poisoning our young is the insidious cold war of ideas pervading the minds and hearts of your children, masquerading as a righteous “new civil rights movement” for this generation. Of course, scripture calls many of the new lifestyles with new names something completely different. But incremental movement toward a chaotic, divisive and self-destructive set of values is a brilliant battle strategy to undermine our individual and collective psyche. And it’s working.

Simply stated, an evil, underhanded war of dumbing down and brainwashing the next generation is taking place before our eyes and we seem oblivious, even complicit in the electronic battle for the mind being waged against us.

It’s beyond telling that our more perverse version of the TikTok social media phenomenon is blocked and strictly forbidden in China. They apparently have far less interest in national suicide than we do.

To the contrary, their cleaned up version is not blathering on about how to hate your country for its “systemic racism” and homophobia; or why, when and how to “transition” genders; or which bathrooms to insist using at school. To the contrary, the scrubbed version of TikTok focuses on self-discipline, national respect and self improvement. To post anything other would be to risk your entire future and be dragged away, like the former leader of China was this week.

It’s become abundantly clear that our enemies abroad desperately desire to weaken the resolve of this generation – and we’re cooperating. I’m sure China is equal parts surprised and delighted at how easy we’ve made it. Talk about “foreign interference in our democracy.”

Remarkably, year after year, the wisdom-bereft in positions of authority are being led by the nose like cattle to slaughter and the imminent self-destruction of America.

Mark Stein wrote a book worth dusting off and reading again entitled, “America Alone.” In it he argues the undeniable case that “as goes America so goes the rest of the world.” Freedom from authoritarianism will not be defended by feckless Europe – and socialist Canada or Latin America are in no position to help.

America is indeed the last bastion of hope for freedom and independence from a one-world government in which globalist elitists have everything and the powerless surfs have nothing.

Ironically, leftist leaders in America are deluded into thinking they will somehow remain in power when this is all over – as they intimidate and defeat freedom-loving Americans like you. But the hard truth is they and their anything-goes, if-it-feels-good-do-it mentality are as disposable as our kids are to them.

Arrogant left-wing power brokers will necessarily be the first to go. That will include the heads of most large “capitalist” corporations and ’60s, drug-damaged dotard college professors who long ago in a purple haze bought into the satanic, progressive delusion.

The words “own worst enemy” come to mind. And talk about “The Big Lie.”

It’s time to “Rescue the perishing,” as Isaiah 61 warns, “rescue those being led away to death.” Our kids deserve better than the poisonous lies being spoon fed to them by our avowed enemies.

Moms and dads, this must-see 2-minute video from a radical communist organization embedded in just about every high school and college campus says it all. Pass it around.

Watch “TRUTH Nine Point Platform” on Vimeo.

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