Devious Dems are ‘Dancin’ in the Ruins’

By Scott Lively

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There’s laughter where I used to see your tears
It’s all done with mirrors, have no fears
There’s nothing pure or sacred in our time
The nights we spend together
[stuffing ballot boxes] are no crime

It doesn’t matter if we turn to dust;
Turn and turn and turn we must!
I guess I’ll see you dancin’ in the ruins tonight!
Dancin’ in the ruins!

In my humble opinion, the little known Blue Oyster Cult song “Dancin’ in the Ruins” is better than some of the classic rock staples that for decades have played on an endless randomized loop on FM radio for us boomer types. I suggest it here as optional musical accompaniment to this article, because the title fits perfectly with a discussion of how the deviously diabolical Democrats are deliberately destabilizing and destroying the deep-blue cities to drive away all decency and dissent, leaving only dependent-class dupes (and the dead) to “defend democracy” by decisively delivering district after district to Democratic dictators. In case you missed my point, it’s all about permanent domination of the population centers by the D’s.

In the Democrats’ Machiavellian Marxist minds, control of the cities justifies everything from malfeasance and mayhem to (citizen on citizen) murder. And it explains the systematic decimation of the police departments, the installment of Soros-funded district attorneys, the degradation of the political and physical infrastructure, and all the race rioting and insane, insufferable political correctness forced on everyone within Democrat-controlled jurisdictions.

They are intentionally and aggressively driving out every conservative and independent-minded voter to ensure they are never removed from power in the cities and thus continuously increase their ability to push the states toward their dream of a fully centralized national Communist dictatorship. Remember, it is to the cities that all the vast reservoirs of entitlement-system tax money flow to fund their vast armies of public employee union foot soldiers. And it is in the cities that virtually all the state and federal agencies of all three branches of government are headquartered (and staffed by those foot soldiers and their superior officers).

I learned quite a bit about how the Democrats and their RINO avatars (like uber-RINO Charlie Baker) gained a stranglehold on our population centers while running twice for governor of Massachusetts, where many of the key Dem strategies and tactics originated. I summarized some of my observations in my article “The Systemic Racism of White Liberals.”

This week I read an article pretty well summarizing the problems and condensing the common refrain of everyone who appreciates conservatism and the middle class to a single phrase: “Get Out of the Cities!”

That in turn reminded me of another recent article by Scott McCay in The American Spectator that reflects a rare and keen insight into the source of the crisis, consistent with my own observations. You should read it.

McCay alleges that the burning down of the cities – both literally and figuratively – is a deliberate plan of the Democrats.

Several years ago I made similar allegations regarding the apparent conspiracy of municipal leaders and vulture capitalist developers to place social service providers in targeted areas to flood them with drug addicts and the homeless to drive down real estate prices ahead of highly lucrative “regentrification” efforts (juiced even further by the municipal gravy of special tax incentives). I first observed this phenomenon in Portland, Oregon, starting in the 1990s without fully understanding it, and then was schooled on its strategic effectiveness through my observations (especially of Mob-controlled Boston) as a gubernatorial candidate. And regarding the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots, I once suggested that the elites may have been deliberately driving down real estate prices on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.

Political terra-forming

But even then I hadn’t made the leap to the bigger picture of what I now call “political terra-forming” of entire cites by driving out conservatives and the middle class. Kudos to McKay and/or whomever he gained this perspective from.

The science-fiction movies “The War of the Worlds” and “Independence Day” showcase the phenomenon of “terra-forming” a planet already occupied by a thriving civilization. If you’re the alien invaders, you have to blast the existing order to rubble while simultaneously creating a new eco-system suitable to alien life and hostile to the indigenous species. That’s exactly what Marxism has always trained its members to do regarding Judeo-Christian civilization, and it’s exactly what American cultural Marxists have been doing in the cultural/ideological realms in their “long march through the institutions.”

Now that the conquest of the institutions is pretty much done, they’ve moved on to the literal physical conquest of the cities, working to create oceans of dystopian ruins populated by permanent government dependents and the subservient working poor, surrounding island oases of stunning splendor (the centers of government, commerce and academia) populated by the rich. (Sure, the early stages require getting these oases sooty too, but once there are only leftist voters left, they’ll be restored to their former glory.) The finished product will look a lot like the feudal city-states of medieval Europe: think of Washington D.C., Chicago or NYC with only two civilian strata – rich and poor – separated by a sizable hybrid army of police/military enforcers.

Plato’s Republic finally realized.

The Bible’s Nimrod Protocol finally realized.

And that is why the useful idiots of the left are dancing in the ruins of their own making, foolishly thinking they’re creating the perfect egalitarian Utopia of their fantasies, while the rest of us with clear minds and hearts are weeping for the enlightened constitutional republic we have all but lost, and hoping there remains one last chance to claw it back.

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