This election will NOT save America from doom

By Mychal Massie

What reasons; what explanation can be given for the citizenry and leadership of the greatest country in the world going to such great lengths to create a future overrun by mental illness that is acted out by the most boorish forms of sexual deviancy?

I have written and spoken extensively on the subject of the Homosexual Manifesto and the goals of debaucherous groups advocating the “Queering the Schools” and grooming preschool children to embrace an inculcated mental illness whereby they pursue the most reprobate forms of sexual perversion.

What does a country that was birthed in the witness of “In God We Trust” and purposed to be a never-ending beacon of modernity, propriety and freedom, hope to accomplish in whatever future remains for it by descending into the depths of depravity?

From 1973 up to this day 2022, in excess of 65 million children have been intentionally murdered. And, while the Supreme Court has finally corrected its aberrant ruling of 1973, which placed abortion under the control of the federal government, we should understand that placing responsibility for abortion in the hands of the individual states does not put an end to the murderous campaign. In fact, I predict the end of year numbers will remain the same if not be slightly higher. How long before America is responsible for murdering nearly one-third of its aggregate population by abortion alone?

I submit, lowered birth rates based upon the cursed pursuit of transgenderism and homosexuality, combined with what I am persuaded will be increased abortion rates, will result in the overall population growth decreasing rapidly. Add to that the aging of America’s citizenry plus the yet to be even partially witnessed fallout that is certain to result from the deadly toxin represented as a vaccine.

The aforementioned is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Factor in decreasing math and science scores, combined with decreased reading and comprehension skills,and just what future does America realistically have?

Let me factor in another point. The one area neo-Leninists and cultural-Marxists have been able to keep the flames of division burning with great intensity have been the highly successful adherence to the fallacious myth of there being such a thing as skin color. Add to that induced cultural inferiority displayed with blissful idiocy, and it has a crippling effect upon the susceptible. I am of course speaking of those who value melanin content more than they do jobs skills, parenting skills and the importance of impulse control.

When this amalgamation of dystopia is fully realized, what will it portend for America? Even if the Lord Jesus does not return in the next 10-20 years, I believe it still spells the collapse of the American societal and family structure as it exists and has existed.

What I’m saying isn’t hyperbole nor is it fanciful thinking. What I’m laying out is end of man hurtling towards us. As an ordained Christian minister, I cannot point to a biblical passage that would prevent the end I foresee.

No election is going to derail the doom-ladened future racing out of control toward us. America stands poised to compound the mistakes the people have proudly made the last 15-plus years. There is no deterrent. The church and what poses as Christendom have become a consortium of dysfunction and heresy, treating the Word of God the way history is treated vis-à-vis revisionism and misrepresentation.

The overwhelming majority of Americans have placed their hope and security in corrupt men. The majority of America still believes that one political party cares about them and is committed to restoring the lives of We the People under Natural Law and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s pure Pollyanna; it’s wishful thinking on steroids.

As Christ Jesus said in the Gospel of Mark 1:15: “… The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe the gospel.” (KJV)

Only the biblically illiterate believe there’s a favorable ending to what we’re now witnessing in this day and time. Those who understand and believe as I do know exactly of what I speak and the truth contained herein. I genuinely pray that those with ears to hear will hear.


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