Spanish minister declares children can have sex ‘with whomever they want’ if they ‘consent’

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(RAIR FOUNDATION) – On September 21, during a hearing in Congress on the pro-trans and abortion law, Spain’s Minister of Equality called pedophilia a “right.” The communist Minister, Irene Montero, shocked her fellow politicians when she chose sexual deviants over minors and declared, “Children should have the right to have sexual relations with whomever they want, as long as they consent.”

The country’s parliament passed a controversial new “sexual freedom law” focusing on consent recently. Montero’s perverse comments are part of the debate about lowering the age of consent, which is currently set at 16, in the context of a much-debated law coming into force on October 7. The socialist-led government’s idea is to lower the age of consent to 12, which would further pave the way for pedophiles.

The new law, which Montero promoted, states in Article 181 of the Penal Code: “Whoever performs acts of a sexual nature with a minor under sixteen years of age, will be punished with a prison sentence of two to six years.”

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