Stacey Abrams: Another hateful Democratic harridan

By Mychal Massie

Democrats come in all sizes, but, as Stacey Abrams, the party’s gubernatorial candidate for Georgia has proven time and again, Democratic women are morally opprobrious, Erebusic harridans, specifically those who, like Abrams, use their melanin content in an attempt to obfuscate their demonic characteristics.

Abrams is a disgraceful human being who admirably represents the vile policies of Democrats, especially those who prostitute melanin, when in fact their most marketable feature is best represented in a weight-loss advertisement.

I don’t apologize for finding her and those like her – e.g., the Obama woman, Oprah Winfrey, et al. who epitomize bigotry and racism – deplorable.

As a gubernatorial candidate Abrams is promoting the same divisive mantra her Democratic crayon-color sisterhood spew religiously. In one of her more unhinged screeds, referring to the Georgia primary election this year, she argued that just because more voters came to the polls, there is no causal relationship between turnout and suppression, and turnout is actually the “antidote” to suppression. Don’t worry; I don’t understand what she meant either.

Jack Marshall quoted Abrams in his May 25, 2022, article: “Unethical Quote of the Month: Stacey Abrams.” Once again the majesty of the spectacle she makes of herself cannot be overstated as she claimed: “We know that increased turnout has nothing to do with suppression. Suppression is about whether or not you make it difficult for voters to access the ballot. And in Georgia, we know difficulty has been put in place for too many Georgians who vote by mail, who had to figure out a calendar of applying just early enough but not too late. You had to have wet signatures so they could print things out. Take a picture, upload it.” Again, I have no idea what she is claiming.

Of course, we understand that her confusing hebephrenic screed is a thinly veiled accusation that colored folks are being suppressed, somehow being prevent from voting. Beyond that, I’d question if even she understands what she is saying.

I’d argue Abrams ought to show support for Negro crime suppression. Hope Ford, writing for Atlanta’s 11Alive, verified that as of May 22, 2021, the likelihood of being shot in Atlanta was higher than in Chicago. I add, especially if you fit the high melanin content profile. Ford wrote: “Black men are reported as victims at an overwhelmingly high rate. In total, 291 of the 311 shootings victims this year were black, with 252 of all those shootings being black men.”

I submit that Abrams’ energy would be better spent making sure her kind make it home from school without being shot than it is fomenting discord.

I further submit that Abrams’ energy would be better spent teaching Negro women that abortion is neither birth control nor women’s health. It is the end result of animalistic decision-making. Contrary to what her kind would have us believe, colored people can live above the level of animals in heat if they try. Also, contrary to what Abrams claimed about infant heartbeats at 6 weeks old, my best friend and his wife heard the heartbeat of their yet to be born grandchild at 5 weeks.

Instead of making fallacious accusations about the so-called white man out to hold the Negro back, Abrams would do much better telling women in her crayon demographic that having babies before they can afford a pizza is almost at the same level of poor decision-making as killing their children as a means of birth control.

She would do well to explain that self-respect is not synonymous with being a sperm receptacle for every guy living in the projects and selling dope on the corner. Or the ones who think hip-hop culture and trying to be a professional athlete are better pursuits than studying and getting a good education or learning a trade.

Abrams is a stereotypical portrayal of her kind when it comes to exploiting those who place value in being a crayon color juxtaposed to embracing modernity and the equipoise of opportunity. She and her kind barter acrimony for votes by not telling people that the reason they don’t have a higher standard of life is due to poor decision-making and absence of incentive.

The Apostle Paul implored the early Christians to imitate him, as he imitated Christ. He lived a Christ-centered life and invested the Word of God and Christian character in the people he ministered to.

Abrams would do more for those she is exploiting for votes if she promoted proper Christian lifestyles as opposed to transgenderism, deviant debaucherous behavior, hatred and disharmony.

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