Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden ‘chairman’ of corrupt family business

By Art Moore

Tony Bobulinski in an interview airing Oct. 4, 2022, on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" (Video screenshot)
Tony Bobulinski in an interview airing Oct. 4, 2022, on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (Video screenshot)

Toby Bobulinski’s interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson weeks before the 2020 election confirmed the blockbuster New York Post stories on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, providing evidence Joe Biden not only knew about his son’s international business deals with the likes of Chinese Communist Party firms and Russian oligarchs, he profited from them.

Now, in a new interview airing Tuesday night, Bobulinski – who was hired by the Bidens to form the partnership with a Chinese energy firm at the center of the CCP’s major initiative to assert global dominance – makes it clear that Joe Biden effectively served as the chairman of the board.

Bobulinski, a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, told Carlson there are “hundreds of data points” showing Joe Biden was acting as “the chairman.”

Noting a company’s board chairman typically is not involved in the day-to-day operations, he said that that essentially “was Joe Biden’s role in the family business ventures.”

“And not just my venture,” he said, referring to the deal with CEFC China Energy, but many around the world.

See the clip:

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In the interview Tuesday, Bobulinski also charges Hunter Biden committed crimes against his business partners, alleging the president’s son tampered with key documents to funnel more than $5 million into a company he owned.

“It’s called fraud,” Bobulinski told Carlson.

Bobulinski has said he went public because Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed his charges were part of a “Russian disinformation” campaign and had been retracted.

Further, the FBI ignored his evidence, he said.

In the interview broadcast Tuesday, Bobulinski said top FBI investigative agent Timothy Thibault promised two years ago to follow up after Bobulinski began cooperating and providing evidence.

“I haven’t heard from him since. Nor have my lawyers,” Bobulinski said.

“That’s shocking,” Carlson said.

“Uh, shocking, that would be one adjective,” Bobulinski replied.

See Bobulinski’s remarks about the FBI:

In April, the New York Post reported a grand jury witness in the investigation of Hunter and his business dealings was asked to identify the “big guy” who, according to an email on the laptop, was to receive a 10% cut of a deal with the CEFC China Energy.

Bobulinski confirmed in the October 2020 interview with Carlson the “big guy” was Joe Biden. And the author of the email, business partner James Gilliar, said the same.

Bobulinski said he met twice face-to-face with Joe Biden, and it was clear that the former vice president – as the true head of the family business enterprise – was vetting him for the position.

Bobulinski stated during his Oct. 22, 2020, news conference that Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he never discussed his son’s business was a lie. The former Biden business partner held up three smartphones he used during that period that he said contained emails, texts and other documentation supporting his claims. He said Hunter Biden and Gilliar, a former British SAS officer, were “paranoid” about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement secret, instructing that it should be discussed only in person.

Bobulinski said he had received a text from Gilliar pleading with him to remain silent, warning that “if you go public, you will bury us.”

See Bobulinski’s October 2020 news conference:

Late to the story by at least 16 months, the Washington Post reported earlier this year on “verified emails illuminating” the CEFC China Energy deal, for which Hunter Biden was paid nearly $5 million, and other business relationships.

The Chinese firm is the capitalist arm of Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road Initiative,” which is regarded as the centerpiece of the Communist Party government’s foreign policy. The initiative, which was incorporated into the Constitution of China in 2017, is investing in infrastructure projects in nearly 70 countries around the world to advance Beijing’s objective of assuming global leadership. Critics call it “debt-trap diplomacy,” resulting in Beijing taking control over developing nations and even more advanced nations seeking economic relief.

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