What’s in your wallet? Any Benjamins left?

By Michael Master

If you believe the predictions of liberal/socialist pundits and economists, then you make lots of bad decisions – about the economy, climate change, inflation, solar/wind vs. fossil fuels, the stock market.

The Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, grew in the third quarter at 2.6%. So, 2.6 – 1.7 (1Q) – 0.9 (2Q) = 0 growth for 2022 so far. Zero. A goose egg. And that’s with inflation at more than 8%.

Last spring, as stock prices reached record highs, Kiplinger predicted a “bear market” was coming (more than a 20% drop in stock prices). Kiplinger stated that the U.S. was in a recession, with two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, a 7.5% loss to employee productivity, 15% loss to employee purchasing power and inflation increasing twice as fast as wages – which would soon drive stock prices down. Kiplinger added that stock prices would bottom out in mid October and that if Joe Biden and the Democrats wanted to change any of that, then they needed to produce more oil and gasoline in the U.S. immediately.

Well, Biden/Democrats did nothing to change that direction of the economy. Instead, they made excuses and argued that the United States was just following the world economy. Globalists all, certainly not nationalists or patriots. Excuses, certainly not like Harry Truman’s “the buck stops here.”

Stock prices bottomed out on Oct 14. Kiplinger was pretty accurate. Kiplinger predicts that U.S. GDP growth will be less than 1.4% for 2022 even after Democratic economists predicted it to be 6.5% at the start of 2022. Kiplinger predicts that 2023 GDP growth will be near zero. Stagnant. Unemployment rate will increase. Employment participation rate will continue to decrease. Stock prices will increase as interest rates finally decrease, which will push P to E ratios back up. Stock prices will increase as oil prices increase again.

America could have an echo recession in 2023 on top of the recession in 2022. Is Biden listening this time?

What can Republicans do if they win both or one of the houses of Congress? 1) They can stop any additional actions by Congress that spend additional money, which increases inflation; 2) they can use Congress as a tool to investigate the Bidens; 3) they can do the investigative work into Pelosi and the FBI concerning January 6 the anti-Trump J6 committee did not do; and 4) Republicans can challenge in court, the Supreme Court, Biden’s executive orders involving actions that should be done by congressional legislation.

Can Republicans pass laws that reverse Democrat-passed laws? No, Biden will veto them. Republicans need to win back the White House to actually pass laws that make America great again, laws that put America first.

So, did you take heed last spring to what Kiplinger predicted? How about now? What is in your wallet? Pictures of woke crap, LGBTQ memes, CRT lies and melting icebergs? Or lots of “pictures” of Ben Franklin?

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