Is WWIII this year’s October Surprise?

By Scott Lively

Preface: I’ve been monitoring the Russia/Ukraine war very closely since the beginning and comparing the non-stop shamefully dishonest propaganda of the OBiden-controlled media with news from independent, mostly pro-Russian sources. What matters to me is truth, and that is coming almost exclusively from the pro-Russian side: It’s almost exactly the reverse of the U.S./USSR contest of the Cold War, with America now taking the old Soviet role and the Russian Federation taking the ethical higher ground formerly held by the U.S.

Everything done by Putin in this conflict is reasoned, rational and either clearly legal under international law or clearly defensible by comparison to U.S. interventions in foreign nations, which our government insist are legal.

If you don’t share that view, it’s likely the fault of your “news” sources. Tag-teaming propaganda by the leftist and neocon (RINO) media (which includes huge swaths of Christian media controlled by neocons like Pence, Romney and Ryan) is the only reason so many Americans are backing OBiden on this war. If the average American knew what I know from my independent research, there would never even have been a Russian incursion into Ukraine because we would all recognize that our government has nefariously orchestrated every single step of this conflict since at least 2014.

That orchestration includes especially the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, 2022, which the lying media has the audacity to call “unprovoked” after deliberately covering up the very serious provocations. The psyops campaign against our own people regarding Ukraine has been done at a John 8:44, Father-of-Lies level of deception, particularly regarding the media-created “war crimes” to stir public outrage and keep the cash flowing into the war machine. (Never forget what these exact same propagandists did and are still doing to Donald Trump! They. can. not. be. trusted. about. anything.)

Here is my analysis of where we are in the OBiden rush to World War III.

The starter gun has sounded, the four horsemen are out of the gate, and the culling of humanity through war, disease, famine and natural disasters is about to begin in earnest. It’s a prophesied spiritual season, but a worldly geopolitical one as well.

On the worldly stage, OBiden pulled the trigger on Sept. 1 in a performance dripping with Nazi symbolism – both to evoke the previous world war for context and to subtly mock Vladimir Putin’s anti-Nazism rhetoric about the Ukraine war. American pundits were mystified by the unprecedented “Dark Brandon” drama of the speech and saw it only through the lens of poll numbers and the coming election, but the globalist conspirators planning the “Great Reset” undoubtedly recognized it as the launch of the main phase of the prerequisite “great collapse” in the form of a new world war.

Within a week, the Obergruppenfuhrer of the CIA, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, made a surprise appearance in Kyiv, and two days later the (apparently) successful Ukrainian counter-offensive backed by billions in top-shelf U.S. weaponry began. That the Americans had taken hands-on control of the Ukrainian war machine on behalf of NATO was the obvious message. (I say “apparently” successful because I suspect Russia has been playing rope-a-dope with the West by a series of tactical withdrawals to lure the Ukrainians out of their fortified bunkers where they have been decimated by airstrikes and artillery.)

In response to direct U.S. intervention, Russia moved up the referenda elections in the Donbass to make the four pro-Russian oblasts it had liberated in the war an official part of the Russian Federation. Contrary to our media’s absurd but predictable claim of election fraud (Oh, the irony!), the election result was as foregone a conclusion as Texas voting for Trump – but was also endorsed as legitimate by international observers.

So now any attack on the four new bear cubs will be an attack on Momma Bear Russia, and there will be hell to pay by those who do. And they (“we”) will press the attack because WWIII seems to be our October Surprise for 2022.

Added to hell’s invoice is the rather obvious but perhaps legally unprovable U.S. sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines to ensure vassal-state Germany cannot break with her U.S. master and mend fences with Russia to avoid becoming a post-industrial frozen wasteland this winter. That likely won’t be the last false flag of the season. And the chances of one here at home – blamed on Russia, of course – seem fairly high.

Frankly, every death in Ukraine since as least April (when OBiden sent Boris Johnson to kill the peace deal that Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France had brought within inches of adoption) has been the fault of our government. And realistically, the death toll going back all the way to the 2014 Obama/Soros Maidan coup, including the 14,000 people killed in the Donbass by Ukrainian shelling through February 2022, is “our” fault, too.

Looking at it all from the highest level of geopolitical pragmatism, there would be a reasonably strong argument to be made for preserving U.S. global hegemony and discouraging Russia from building a multi-polar alternative IF American values and vision reflected the altruistic Christian heritage of our past. But American “values” today are the most corrupt and perverse of any nation on earth, and the future our leaders envision is a dystopian transhumanist freak show of woke tyrants and sexual deviants.

And even if that were not true, and we were still an ethical and virtue-aspiring people like the good old days, the question about what our nation’s role in the world should be is a matter for WE the PEOPLE to decide, not a thin upper strata of globalist elites and greedy predatory corporatists. I think the American people, if given the choice, would be inclined to share the world’s resources with other nations for mutual benefit rather than violently subjugating all competitors on behalf of U.S. oligarchs.

So what comes next? As of Oct. 5, the Russian Special Military Operation, which was limited to liberating the Donbass and diminishing the Ukrainian military threat will end, and real war will begin against the U.S. and NATO forces that took direct (but still not admitted) control of the Ukrainian forces in September. That will serve as justification for the OBiden military also to “take the gloves off,” triggering various mutual-defense treaties on both sides and the explosion of war across the world. I would dearly love to be wrong, and to celebrate a peace treaty in the coming weeks instead of a cascade of disasters, but things look grim as of today.

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