America is sinking – and our leaders make things worse

By Hal Lindsey

For a long time, I have warned that the United States is not mentioned in the end-times biblical scenario. That means this nation’s power and prestige will fall into a dramatic decline at some point as it gets closer to the tribulation. Does that mean the followers of Christ should give up, hunker down in safe-rooms while quietly awaiting the rapture? No. There remains a great deal to pray for, hope for and work toward.

But before we talk about hope, we need to understand the situation. This nation stands in grave danger. Time and again our leaders make bad decisions, then – surprise! – wrong decisions bring about unwanted results.

Look at the economy. Our economy staggers under the burden of government overspending. What do our leaders do about it? They spend more. It is as if they are on a ship sinking by the bow. They discover that there is a hole in the bow. The problem should be obvious. There is a hole. Therefore, repair the hole. Otherwise, the ship will sink entirely.

But this ship is run by elected officials. With the boat strongly tilted toward the bow, the electorate – the ship’s passengers – begin to complain. The tilting deck hinders their comfort. The ship’s leaders want to be reelected, so they go into action – not repairing the breach – but trying to level the slanted deck. The best way to level up the deck would be to repair the hole and bail out the water. But they prefer something easier.

Someone says, “Let’s knock a hole in the stern of the ship so that the water will come from both sides evenly. The deck will become level, and the passengers will be happy.” The others cheer. They see this as a stupendous idea. After all, it’s much easier to create another hole than it is to repair the one they have. So, they knock a hole in the stern to balance out the hole in the bow.

By fixing the wrong problem, they double the real problem. The ship begins to sink twice as fast, albeit with a slightly more level deck. The ship’s leaders base their reelection campaigns on the fact that the deck is not as tilted as it used to be. They get reelected. Then, both the crew and passengers descend to the ocean floor on a ship with an almost level deck.

The problem with inflation is spending. An increase in spending will not repair that. The problem with immigration is a porous border. Further opening the border will not fix it. Fake news will not be solved by more lies. Drug abuse will not be solved by more legalization of dangerous drugs. Crime will not be solved by letting criminals off the hook. And, if anyone is crazy enough to want World War III, I can tell you the best way to achieve that goal – appease those who threaten World War III. Weakness draws aggression like sugar draws flies.

A moral freefall underlies all these problems. Breaking down even more of our moral foundation will only make matters worse. Yet, that’s what our society continues to do.

As always, we find our hope in the grace of Jesus Christ. The United States can have another Great Awakening. Millions can still turn to Jesus. I believe that would hold off America’s fall until after the rapture. Better yet, all those millions get to go to heaven! So, don’t give up on the United States. Don’t stop hoping, and don’t stop praying. Work to make things better. Have faith that as you do His will, God is always on your side.

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