Beyond election theft: Who’s going to take on Google?

By Joseph Farah

  • Researchers at North Carolina State University found that Google’s email service, Gmail, “retained the majority of left-wing candidate emails” while sending “the majority of right-wing candidate emails to the spam folder.”
  • Google has greatly reduced the visibility of various conservative websites in its search results. Breitbart, for example, found that Google has changed its algorithm so that search traffic to Breitbart declined by more than 60%.
  • A peer-reviewed 2015 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that big search engines like Google can influence the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20% or more.

Google has been unleashed. It’s reigning literal hell on the free press, free speech and free elections.

As the chief executive officer and founder of the first internet-only news agency more than 25 years ago, I have a unique perspective.

Google is out to destroy us and any other sites it deems Christian or conservative. Here’s what they have done to us to date, along with other “accomplishments”:

  • Last year, Google permanently demonetized WND and, thereby, left us nearly unable to run ads. That’s because Google controls not only advertising, but “ad servers.”
  • Google is effectively the largest digital publisher in the country – followed by Facebook and Amazon, both of which are hostile to WND.
  • In August, Google essentially blackballed WND worldwide, telling all seeking to reach WND through Google that our news site was “dangerous” and could harm their computer – completely false.
  • YouTube, which is owned by Google, has also demonetized WND.
  • Google also totally dominates search-engine market share, averaging between 86-96% worldwide.
  • Google has a virtual monopoly on searches on mobile devices as well.

About the only source of meaningful revenue left for this internet news pioneer is donations from loyal readers.

Welcome to the harsh era of Big Tech.

When did the Digital Cartel become hostile to WND?

It began to change in 2016 – when Donald Trump ran for president. That was when the big squeeze of revenues started. Before then, I knew the evils of Google and wrote about it often. It’s all I could do. After all, my company was protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I soon found out that didn’t mean much to Big Tech monopolies.

Therefore, starting in 2016, we began losing traffic and revenues – “bleeding” would be more a more accurate term.

Back in 2015, WND was still one of the biggest sites on the internet, high up on “Google News” ratings and searches. We were often found on the Drudge Report as well. Life was good for WND.

Then it hit us – along with other sites that were conservative or Christian or populist. By 2016, the attack began to really take effect, especially if you were a MAGA fan.

Then it got even worse, when Trump shocked the world and won the presidency.

WND stopped being found – ever – on Google News. We watched our traffic implode in 2017. At first, we couldn’t understand what had changed. Then our emails meant for delivery to our customers and readers began being redirected to spam. We had problems with Amazon treating us poorly, and this affected us negatively as a book publisher. The online retailer no longer wanted our business. We noticed our Facebook posts were not reaching our supporters either. We later discovered we had been confined to “Facebook jail,” with the social media giant blocking a large percentage of our traffic and reach. The actions of all of these companies starting to affect us very negatively.

As the CEO of WND, what could I do?

I let our readers know by explaining our plight and sending out email requests for support. That was the only option we had – and it’s all we have now.

From 2017, our revenues have plummeted from $15 million a year to less than $1 million currently.

Yet we see our mission as a popular news site blackballed for its political and Christian views as more than a business. That’s why we fight on.

This is America, after all – and we’re committed to fighting for her, come what may.

Our elections are already questionable, affected by these same tormentors. Now we all know it. We’re getting picked off one by one through cancellations and blacklisting. Big Tech and an un-American, anti-Christian worldview are our enemies.

For now, we must survive as long as we can thanks to your generous charitable contributions. If you can give – please do so.

We ask in the name of God.

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