Biden at Union Station: Divisive disinformation

By Michael Master

Did you watch the Biden speech on Nov. 2? Not many Americans did.

As time moves on, Joe Biden becomes more and more irrelevant. Wednesday night he attempted to motivate Americans to vote for Democrats for the sake of “election integrity.” He implied that only Democrats have election integrity, claiming that the MAGA movement Americans are violating election integrity by questioning the 2020 election and by passing state laws that “suppress” voting.

Biden in effect asked Americans to put aside the issues of today as being temporary (like inflation, the economy, illegal immigration, crime in Democrat-controlled cities, high gasoline prices, schools, wokeism, CRT, etc.) and to focus on the long-term issue of election integrity. He claimed that the recent hammer attack on Paul Pelosi was political violence, that no court found any problems with the 2020 election, that Trump spread lies about the 2020 election and incited violence in an attempt to overthrow that election, that Jan. 6 was an armed insurrection …. and then he asked Americans to come together in voting for candidates who want to protect election integrity and against Republican “election deniers.”

Biden “forgot” to mention political violence against Rep. Steve Scalise, Sen. Rand Paul and the Supreme Court perpetrated by leftists, election denial by Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton, or illegal ballot harvesting and drop boxes.

It was hard to believe the brazenness and number of lies and misstatements by Biden during the speech. At least he did not continue the lie by claiming, as many do, that police officers were killed on Jan. 6. Here is the truth:

1. Two courts have now found election irregularities affected the elections in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where both judges recommended that those Electoral College votes be eliminated from the totals.

2. Paul Pelosi stated in his phone call to the police that he knew the intruder. The police stated that when they arrived, Paul and the assailant were having an argument. The assailant hit Pelosi with a hammer in front of the police as part of the argument. It was not political violence.

3. Trump did not incite violence on Jan 6. He clearly asked his audience to march “to” the Capitol “peacefully” so their voices could be heard. He did not try to overthrow the election. He asked for the electoral votes to be sent back to selected states for verification to ensure that no state laws or the Constitution were violated.

4. The FBI clearly stated that no demonstrators entered the Capitol with guns and that the riot was not an insurrection.

5. How are state laws suppressing voting when this will be a record turnout for a midterm election? That was just another false accusation. Race bating. A dog whistle. Just like all the other false accusations by Democrats (e.g., Trump and Russia, Sandman, Rittenhouse, Kavanaugh).

Joe neglected to comment about how the FBI misled Americans in 2020 when the agency implied that the Hunter Biden laptop with information about Joe was Russian disinformation, or how the FBI secured a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 with deliberate false information, or when Jim Comey allowed Hillary Clinton to destroy evidence, commit gross negligence and lie to the FBI. How did those actions affect election integrity?

Biden’s attempt to distract Americans from the real issues of today was a failure, full of lies, full of misstatements, full of division, not unity – unless, that is, you do things the Democratic Party way, the deep state way. He sounded a lot like those tyrants in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China … who are against free speech. He sounded a lot like Hillary Clinton with her deplorables accusation. He sounded desperate.

Democrats must be desperate if they allowed Joe Biden to make that speech chock full of lies and division.

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