Did our founders envision today’s election corruption?

By Craige McMillan

It’s taken a long time for the Marxists to destroy freedom in America. In its place they have erected the illusion of freedom. How did they do it?

Their primary method was to move away from the written words of our founding documents into their own created world of verbal leftist fantasies. A most important fantasy they are pushing now is “Our Democracy.” In a more educated age, everyone would know the difference between a democracy and a republic. But today their linguistic sleight-of-lip works, because most people have no idea there is a difference. That difference is the written word (in this case, the written law). Things in a democracy can flip with a single vote, perhaps the result of a stirring speech. It is much harder to change laws that are written down and widely circulated.

Oh, they made procedural changes, too. They had to. But their procedural changes would never have been accepted unless they were able to modify the words of the Constitution to mean something other than what they meant when they were written.

Take Election Day. Go ahead – take it. They did. The U.S. Post Office was enshrined into the U.S. Constitution. What part did the Oost Office play in Election Day before the anathema of “mail-in voting”?

Well, um … ah … none, I guess. People were far more spread out during our early days than they are today, yet voting day mandated they travel sizable distances to cast their ballot at a fixed location on Election Day. Could it be than when the founders mandated that people travel to a fixed location to cast their ballot, they understood the moral failures of corrupt, career politicians who could have formed networks of corruption within our governing structure, from local to state to federal offices? Could they have been concerned about the possibility of the political party in power using corrupt processes to control the results of the elections in one or more states? Could they have feared one party rule?

Today entire states – Oregon, for instance – mandate mail-in ballots for everyone. Blank ballots mailed to wherever the voter says, then filled out, signed and returned by mail to government offices where the ballots are counted and winners and losers determined by employees loyal to the party in power. Is there room in that system for fraud? Yes, that is why mail-in ballots are used. It’s almost as if the voter becomes irrelevant to the process – because we are.

And who is to say what voter turnout really was – when there is none? Impossible to judge sentiment for one candidate over another when we don’t see the crowd and talk to one another. It’s easy for the corrupt to win elections when their fellow corruptocrats control the entire electoral process.

Unless, of course, you believe the polls, which, incidentally, are always paid for by someone. Polls, at their best, are a way for candidates to hold an election before the election: to assess the value of the money they have spent on advertising and public manipulation to their cause. At worst, polls are a propaganda device for dishonest media filled with people who know only who they want elected to push their candidate while appearing to be above the fray.

Aha, yes: Big Media love to believe that they are above the fray. Well, actually Big Media just love us to believe that they are above the fray. Not many of us do, anymore. In fact, media employees may be the only people who believe that nonsense. Or maybe media executives. So far executives have remained behind the scenes, but don’t most employees end up doing what the boss wants them to do?

With Big Media in the tank for the corruptocrats, unsocial media became the only choice for ordinary Americans who wanted to discuss elections and events. But the social media titans were eager to do the corruptocrats’ bidding in suppressing free speech and exercising control over election conversations. Enough eyes and ears working together can learn a lot about anything. But without algorithm-free dissemination of speech, what they learn won’t go anywhere.

All just coincidence, I guess. Nothing to see here, folks.

Now for the good news! On earth, when you mess with somebody else’s kids, don’t expect to walk away without paying a price. The God of the Bible views those of us who have trusted in Jesus as His Children. Even before the time of Jesus, the Exodus of the Jews as slaves from Egypt provides a preview for what is coming for our modern-day slave owners. God normally does things in what we would call unconventional ways. Or perhaps supernatural ways. Maybe that’s because He likes to; or maybe it’s just because He can and we can’t.

I’m glad I never mentioned a “red wave” coming to save us in describing this most recent election. Just because the vast majority of the U.S. map shows red on Election Day doesn’t mean anything to corruptocrats, other than to be careful. It certainly is true that honest Americans, once seated in our government, will turn things around. It’s the getting seated part that is difficult, without elections carried out with the protections our founders planned.

God didn’t need an election to change the Egyptian government around when the Jews left their slaveowners? God doesn’t need an election to change officeholders around in America, today.

Time is irrelevant to God, because He stands outside of time. We don’t. God had expected the church to stand up for honesty and integrity in government. He did not expect the church to go into hiding around election time, for fear of offending someone. Abortion, which is the murder of the innocent, is actually a topic that divides Christian churches. That’s why pastors don’t bring it up. Jesus didn’t have that problem in describing what would happen to anyone who harmed children. Those large millstones were about the height of a man.

Do not be deceived by the devil and his liars in whatever media. God knows exactly what has been planned by our enemies against His Children. He won’t be waiting for the next election to remove from power an illegitimately elected government drunk from the sacrifice of the next generation.

Do not be deceived by Satan’s mouthpieces in our culture. God has not accepted Satan’s request to reschedule the end times into today. They will arrive soon enough, but not before God’s appointed time. That will be the time of Satan’s final resort booking at the Lake of Fire. If you believe that God has acquiesced to Satan’s demands for control of creation, including us, you do not understand the nature and character of God. Perhaps that is why God has of late been urging His Children to read His Written Word?

Our enemies are God’s enemies. Their fall will be great and complete, brought to you by the Master Chess Player, the one who sees the end from the beginning. God’s church will be called upon to pick up the pieces. When this is finished, no one will doubt God’s existence or overwhelming power – not even His church.

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