GOP snakes have fooled us for years – when will we learn?

By Mychal Massie

I absolutely abhor snakes. I’ve often mused to myself that instead of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zeneca et al. conjuring up toxins that are deadly poisons designed to bring about the damnable fantasy of decreased global population vis-à-vis pharmaceutical extermination centers, it would be nice if they combined their efforts and developed a substance that would kill all snakes immediately while being completely harmless to all flora, fauna, animal and human life.

Which brings me to my contempt for the Republican elapid Paul Ryan and all Republicans like him. Disgusting and offensive are specific traits possessed by Ryan and his ilk, but as pathetic and worthless as he is notwithstanding, it’s a steep step further down when he shows his hatred for that segment of American citizenry who truly loves and embraces what America was intended to be, by saying: “Anyone not named Trump can beat Joe Biden in 2024.”

I almost asked if he includes himself in that groupage, but I reminded myself that Ryan would rather be Biden’s running mate than have another four years with President Trump making Ryan eat crow. Ryan’s hatred for the free exercise of our constitutional rights and God’s Natural Law is surpassed only by his hatred for the faithful biblical Christian Church that obeys God and Donald Trump.

This begs answer to the question: How can Ryan and elitist Republicans not want President Trump in office if they care about the welfare and of America and her people?

Of all the wannabe slick, oleaginous, country-club elite Republicans who have managed to hang around since President Reagan, under which Republican administration did they accomplish anything for us and come even close to what President Trump accomplished in four brief years? Here is President Trump’s complete record of accomplishment.

Donald Trump didn’t use the presidency as a means to amass a personal fortune like the Bush family lapdogs, or Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and their cronies who suck the life force out of America. President Trump worked for free, choosing to donate his entire salary for his term as president. What other Republicans have done the same?

President Trump did not give away our hard-earned dollars to foreign countries that hate us; he forced them to repay their debts and contributions that were owed to us. Unlike Bush, Trump didn’t send our country’s future to lice-infested countries around the world to fight wars that politicians like Dick Cheney used to grease the palms of Republican mega-donors. During Trump’s term, our young men and women were not dying in godforsaken dung mounds in Middle Eastern deserts.

The Republican Party has become home to bipedal human mange that’s as cutaneous and contagious as any rot known to man.

Bush 43, the warmonger prince, and Karl Rove together raised a million dollars the day before the primary election for Rep. Liz Cheney in an attempt to flood the market with advertising and put money in the right hands in a last-ditch effort to defeat her opponent Harriet Hageman in Wyoming.

I remind you that it was Rove who parroted the mantra that the Republican Party had to become a big tent. While heading the Bush 43 team, he advocated the Republican Party bring those who supported everything Democrats did under the banner of Republicans. It was called the “big tent” initiative.

Rove and the media were quick to jump on 2021 presidential candidate Herman Cain’s comments about abortion. But Cain had been honest in his pro-life positions – unlike Bush, who was secretly a big-government, big spending, pro-amnesty-for-illegal-aliens activist who purposely deceived the base about his wife’s social positions, which were supportive of both homosexual marriage and abortion. (See: “Laura Bush: Pro abortion and gay marriage,” Richard Adams, The Guardian, May 12, 2010). Or perhaps Rove would have us overlook George H.W. Bush’s involvement in supporting abortion, as was pointed out in “Maafa 21 – Black Genocide in 21st Century America,” by Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics, Inc.

Now the Republicans are back with the same lies they spewed when promising that if We the People supported them and secured them both sides of Congress, they would end Obamacare. It was a blatant lie. They used the lie to raise money, win Congress and shaft us immediately upon taking office.

Personally, I fully understand that there’s no rescue for America or the world. The Word of God makes clear that uncompromising truth. I’m not speaking favorably of President Trump because I see him as my political hero. I speak favorably of President Trump because he kept his word.

I remember all to well that the Republican hierarchy funded the Democratic candidate in New Jersey some years back, rather than see a Tea Party candidate win. This year Mitch McConnell pulled funds from political races where money would have given Trump-backed Republican candidates the win, putting money instead into races where the candidate was already flush with cash or where the candidate would lose regardless.

I’m sick of watching lying, deep-state, anti-America, political domestic terrorists masquerading as truthful and just, and as the best hope for We the People.

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