Now can we stop pretending Joe Biden is president?

By Mike Pottage

The Fox News website on Nov. 12 told the nation: “President Biden thanks the wrong country for hosting summit he’s attending in Cambodia.” The president thanked Colombia … twice. Wrong nation on the wrong continent, different races, different religions. Christopher Columbus was not this lost, and he didn’t know where he was going.

Now that the midterm election is over, can we stop pretending Joe Biden is president of the United States?

It is embarrassing.

The entire Biden presidency is media fiction. The world knows this, with the notable exception of the Americans. Another two years of governance from the Marxist men and women behind the curtain and the nation will be too broken and too polarized to make the necessary financial and social repairs to save itself.

In a republic, when the bureaucracy refuses to count votes in a timely fashion, the voters are no longer in charge. When blocks of tens of thousands of votes arrive suddenly with no chain of custody or validation, and this strange event only occurs in states where the partisan candidates are bunched closely together, something crooked is afoot. The proof is in the counting of those bunches of late-arriving ballots, as the same party always wins a huge majority of them, and usually wins the election.

The guy in Arizona orchestrating the election outcome there is a version of Alejandro Mayorkas-light. He can look into the camera and lie with a straight face. And he works for one of the candidates, the one who did not recuse herself from the election count to avoid an obvious conflict of interest. There is no honor among election thieves.

The identical pattern of deceit took place next door to Arizona in Clarke County, Nevada. Again, the late-arriving ballots represented a much higher concentration of Democratic votes, as needed.

As the political party in control solidifies its control, perhaps most symbolic of American collapse occurred in Pennsylvania where a particularly dull-witted Marxist had a tragic stroke, and despite not being able to communicate, was elected to the U.S. Senate. John Fetterman joins Joe Biden as the Democrats build their mentally disabled majority.

One female commentator on one of the alphabet television outlets gushed Fetterman was “so brave” for continuing his campaign. No lady. Bravery is when you run into a burning building to save someone you do not know and you have no idea if you will get out alive. Bravery is when you run toward the gunfire. Law enforcement and firefighters make those decisions as a part of the job. Having a stroke or a heart attack is not brave.

Across the continent in Alaska, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell made sure he had “Lisa Murkowski by my side.” To do this Mitch used $7 million of his unlimited corporate cash to crush Alaska conservative and Republican Party choice Kelly Tshibaka. Kelly Tshibaka might not have voted for Mitch McConnell to continue as GOP Senate leader, and the vote to keep Mitch in the fancy office is more important than the wishes of the thousands of Americans residing in Alaska. Mitch had support from his fellow Democrats as the state’s election laws were rigged so only Lisa, a part-time Republican at best, would be there for the Senate minority leader. All politics aside, Mitch McConnell is despicable and should be very disposable.

McConnell disenfranchised Alaskan voters by the monetary power of the legislative leaders in D.C. This is what happens when politics is nationalized and fundraising is out of control.

Election analysis can be summed up in one word: stagnation.

Joe Biden will continue to spend trillions of dollars the federal government does not have, so inflation is here to stay and will get worse. The nation’s energy policy will continue to rush toward total economic collapse. Crime will be more frequent, more violent, and the prisons will continue to empty. Marxist curriculum will dominate the classrooms, and the children lucky enough to escape the abortionists will be sexually perverted by people who should never be allowed near an elementary school. In two years there will be more than 20 million illegal aliens in the USA – and more on the way.

All this will occur because voters did what the media told them to do in 2020 and elected the status quo on Nov. 8, 2022. There is a strange disconnect between the feeling of responsibility that encourages people to vote and a lack of urgency on their part to pay attention to what government is doing.

In case someone has not noticed, the political rhetoric today is identical to the political rhetoric on Nov. 7.

A new GOP House majority is not large enough to legislate, and even their most modest efforts face a certain veto from the nation’s most partisan president.

The nation desperately needs two strong political parties. More than that, it must have an honest, free press. The nation has neither. Senior citizens may remember when both parties were pro-American, and supported the Constitution. At that time most of the services and important government functions were conducted by the states, the counties and the cities of America.

Today, American has nationalized nearly everything. The news media no longer record history; they actively engages in the manufacture of historical fiction. The media do not have to face voters every two, four or six years. With zero accountability, and a vast web of multi-billion-dollar corporate ownerships, the media report what they want, censor what they oppose and engage in suppression of both people and ideas.

That works great in a dictatorship, but it is poison to a republic.

How important is the media? The economic and social fabric of the nation is in chaos, and the incumbent Democrats did not pay a price for causing it. Thank you, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo News, MSN, Google, Facebook, the Tribune Company, the New York Times and the Amazon Post. The Democrats could not have done it without you.

With a slim GOP advantage in the House, the Jan. 6 Committee will die, but not before the Department of the In-Justice indicts a former president in one final act to destroy his chances of seeking the presidency again.

The Democratic Party rhetoric has not changed. Neither has the rhetoric of the “on the street” interviews Fox’s Jesse Waters likes to run. We laugh at the stupidity, but that stupidity is killing us.

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