Pelosi ‘won’t release home-security footage,’ Dems demand GOP take blame

By Bob Unruh

Nancy Pelosi applauds drag queen Ru Paul in June 2022. (Video screenshot)
Nancy Pelosi applauds drag queen Ru Paul in June 2022. (Video screenshot)

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What is known about a confrontation in the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is that a person arrested for injuring her husband, millionaire Paul Pelosi, was “mentally unstable” with a brain “addled by long-term drug use.”

He is a former “pro-nudist activist, convinced that ‘he was Jesus for a year,’ who lived in a bus on a semi-commune and has embraced conspiracy theories from the left and right,” according to columnist David Harsanyi at the Federalist.

So why, then, are so many questions remaining unanswered, including reports that Pelosi won’t turn over home security footage of the fracas.

Likely, Harsanyi finds, because with the truth of the matter uncertain, leftists can insist that “every conservative personally ‘condemn’ the actions of the mentally ill man.”

And that would have “nothing to do with lowering the rhetorical temperature or averting violence,” but instead has “everything to do with trying to compel Republicans to take responsibility…” he explained.

That appeared openly in the Washington Post, where three bylines appeared on a piece headlined, “Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband follows years of GOP demonizing her.”

The commentary explains it’s because Republicans repeatedly have criticized Nancy Pelosi’s leftist agenda and pursuit of radical ideologies that the violence happened.

“By ‘demonizing,’ the Post means that Republicans run lots of political ads targeting perhaps the most powerful, partisan leader in the nation. Pelosi is demonized in the same manner Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis are demonized. Remember ads depicted Paul Ryan pushing grandmas off cliffs? Is it that kind of demonizing?” Harsanyi wondered.

Even if the attacker wasn’t being identified as “unstable,” that still wouldn’t mean the GOP has responsibility to stop pointing out the damage Pelosi’s policies are doing to America, he wrote.

“Neither political discourse nor political reporting should be inhibited by the prospective actions of third-party nuts. If Americans had to ponder the actions of political terrorists every time they took a position, they would only be empowering those nuts,” he said.

“Yet, this weekend, John Dickerson was wringing his hands on CBS News over the alleged structural and rhetorical pro-violence position of the right. You see the trick, right? Conservatives have a duty to self-flagellate over the Jan 6 rioters, to answer for Alex Jones and white supremacists of Charlottesville, and to condemn the nudists of Berkley, because they’re the ones who have allegedly coddled those extremists in the first place. It doesn’t matter that vast majority of conservative have never supported or instigated any violence, whatsoever.”

But violence from the left is “devoid of any political concerns.”

“There is no CBS News panel convening to agonize over the left’s support for BLM after riots decimated neighborhoods across the nation in 2020 — the costliest in American history,” he pointed out.

It is the Republic Brief that reported on one of the many unanswered questions about the event, that “there is no security footage being released to the general public, and the left is trying to pretend that it is no big deal and that everyone should just move along.”

The report confirmed there is security at the home.

But the report said, “In other major crimes that have occurred against a notable person security of the incident was released but in the Pelosi case, we are not only not receiving security footage but instead the mass media is changing the narrative every chance they get. At this point, there are way more questions than answers…”

Those include signs of forced entry at the home, was there anyone else in the home, “Why was Pelosi holding hammer, and attack only happened after police arrived?” and more.

Now is body cam footage available yet.

The suspect, David DePape, described in reports as a “fringe activist drawn to conspiracy theories,” was to be face charges of attempt murder and burglary.

The Associated Press report linked the case immediately to Republicans, claiming, “Threats against lawmakers and election officials have been at all-time highs in this first nationwide election since the Jan. 6,2021, insurrection at the Capitol.”

A BizPacReview report noted that California Gov. Gavin Newsom claimed the attack happened because Fox News, specifically host Jesse Watters, consistently has “dehumanized” Nancy Pelosi.

And Watters fired back, “if there is anyone to blame besides the ‘mentally ill homeless drug addict’ who actually swung the hammer, it is the governor who has left people vulnerable to him.”

Newsom accused Fox, and others, of “creating a culture and climate like this.”

Watters responded, “California Governor Gavin Newsom is running for president. So, when a mentally ill homeless drug addict, who’s committed crime after crime in his state and was never deported, attacks Paul Pelosi with a hammer, Gavin Newsom has to blame anybody but himself. And Gavin Newsom thinks Jessie Watters is to blame for Paul Pelosi getting hammered.”

Watters continued, “We have always said Gavin’s biggest flaw – he’s not very smart. The deranged drug addict who talks to fairies and lives on a school bus didn’t watch Primetime and head on over to Pelosi’s house with a hammer. And has Gavin read the affidavit? Because DePape wasn’t going over there to get Paul, he was going there for Nancy.

“If anything, Gavin Newsom has done more to aid and abet this attack on Paul Pelosi than anybody,” he added. “David DePape is a homeless criminal and an illegal alien. DePape overstayed his visa for years. Committed crimes. California is a sanctuary state, so he was never deported.”

A report in the Intelligencer said the motive apparently was that the attacker wanted to torture Nancy Pelosi. The report said DePape broke into the home, woke Paul Pelosi, who dialed police from a backroom.

“The 911 dispatcher sent police there to perform a well-being check on Pelosi at approximately 2:27 a.m. When officers arrived, they found the assailant struggling with Pelosi over a hammer. The officers told them to drop the hammer and then the assailant struck Pelosi in the head, knocking him unconscious. The officers then tackled the assailant and took him into custody. After rendering aid to Pelosi, he was interviewed inside an ambulance and transported to an area hospital for further treatment,” the report said.

The absence of full information even has opened the door for some speculation, including by Elon Musk in a now-deleted social media statement, that Paul Pelosi knew the attacker, or that there was another party in the home.

Fox News reported Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., himself a victim of a politically motivated violent attack, charged that Democrats are using the attack on Paul Pelosi to misdirect attention away from the problems they’ve created for the nation, and likely will answer for during the midterm elections next week.

“I think we should have some compassion for Paul Pelosi and not make anything about politics. But I see today and yesterday, all the left wing is doing, all the Democrats are doing, are trying to make this about politics. And I think it is a misdirection thing to get away from all of the things that they’re doing so terribly with the economy, with crime and everything else.”

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