Remember when Americans had common sense?

By Mychal Massie

Common sense is the God-given healthy nutrient needed to recognize insanity when one sees it. I say this in no way marginalizing the Word of God, which has from the beginning spoke to the depth of demonic insanity man would devolve to accept under the guise of science and intellectuality.

I was raised in a day and age that people understood the weather was cyclical and that throughout the lifespan of people we would experience weather patterns that hadn’t been witnessed for varied periods of time.

I remember the old sayings and observations that were more accurate than the weather forecasts of today, which are based upon millions of dollars of weather satellites and computers that get it wrong more often than not. I’m not cynical; I’m a Christian with common sense.

I don’t need a Harvard or Princeton degree to know what weather patterns are developing, based upon my sinuses and my joints.

I vividly remember when the environmental lunatics pretended to be concerned about the welfare of bald eagles and other birds that were supposedly endangered due to whatever threat they came up with at the time. Consider how quickly the supposed threat disappeared when wind turbines became the latest craze that would supposedly benefit the planet.

The environmental loons ignore the fact that wind turbines now slaughter massive numbers of birds, including the eagle, and will continue to do so as long as more wind turbines are erected.

Which brings me to the climate. The wannabe God complex of these people is unambiguous. A New York Times headline predicted “Everyone Will Disappear In A Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989” because of an alleged scientific consensus over impending apocalypse from environmental pollution.

In 1970, environmentalists predicted, in another newspaper headline, “America Subject To Water Rationing By 1974 And Food Rationing By 1980.”

In 1970, scientists working for NASA and the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research warned of an impending New Ice Age by the year 2000.

A 1974 Time magazine headline warned of “Another Ice Age?” and Britain’s The Guardian science reporter headlined, “Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast.” Brown University’s Department of Geology warned of an imminent new Ice Age in a letter to President Nixon.

In 1988, environmental scientists predicted disappearance of the Maldive Islands: “A gradual rise in average sea level is threatening to completely cover this Indian Ocean nation of 1,196 small islands within the next 30 years.”

In 1989, U.N. environmental experts told the Associated Press: “Rising Seas Could Obliterate Nations” by the year 2000. Part of New York City was supposed to be submerged by 2019.

In 2004, climate hoaxers predicted Britain would be like Siberia by 2020.

After dire warnings of “global warming” proved false, they resolved God’s epic record of failure to bring about their predictions by renaming their hoax “climate change.” Now every storm, snowflake, gust of wind and temperature change is identified as climate change. Never again will they be wrong, no matter how many times their prognostications don’t occur, because climate change is the villain.

It wasn’t necessary for me to read Bob Unruh’s highly informative article: “‘Climate cult’ meeting is ‘all about depopulation,'” to realize anything liars and environmental Mohocks like John Kerry scurry off to in their private jets portends negatively for you and me. See also: “There Will Be No Climate Amnesty” by Jason Isaac.

It is common sense to me: These people are a far cry from being “world leaders” as they brand themselves; rather they are “world conmen and charlatans” staying at the opulent environs of Sharm El Sheikh, for COP27, the United Nations’ climate-change conference.

I submit that this isn’t a “conference” as the idea of a conference at one time conveyed. This so-called climate conference was a gathering of the world’s most elite to show off who has the most expensive toys and to design a way to rob us blind.

My God-given common sense dictates that I won’t submit to their pathology of abject insanity. I was raised to understand that “crazy” wasn’t something to be modeled or emulated. The followers of this climate madness are those who will benefit from it and those who base their self-esteem on modeling the schizophrenic, bipolar insanity of others.

Fat-Al Gore, the former vice-president, who did his best work allegedly seeking the sexual gratification from a masseuse, pocketed mountains of cash through his global-warming lies.

Common sense tells me that the idea of there being food shortages is a lie from the pit of hell. The only way we have food shortages is if they’re manipulated and created for personal gain and/or to control the population.

Fossil fuels cannot be replaced by electric. It takes fossil fuels to produce the energy required to have electric vehicles. As for greenhouse emissions, I submit we could make the entire West Coast a cattle farm and the cattle would still not produce enough flatulence to impact the United States much less the world as the claims coming out of New Zealand asserted some years ago.

The United Nations is a charade created to give the illusion of global security and global well-being. In reality it is a demonic institution created for the purpose of global one world government, control of global finances and the global control of We the People.

I’ve never subscribed to being controlled by fools and liars. My lifetime alone validates that I’m right in refusing such brinkmanship. Nowhere in Scripture am I told to obey that which defiles my God and/or instructs me to subscribe to insanity.

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