I admit it: I was fooled by Zelensky and Ukraine

By Joseph Farah

I was fooled about Volodymyr Zelensky.

Yes, even I. When I’m wrong, I like to admit it. And I was horribly wrong.

How wrong was I and about the entire war in Ukraine?

Last March, I called Zelensky a courageous “Hebrew warrior.” How’s that? Worse yet, I jumped to conclusions about his war.

I apologize.

I even compared him to biblical heroes from the book of Judges. Sheesh! Was I ever wrong about him.

I was too quick to believe the media – something I rarely do. My whole career trained me against it.

But today, seeing is believing.

So what has he done wrong? It’s legion. Zelensky has banned opposition parties. He’s shut down critical media by force. He’s arrested his political opponents. He has sent soldiers into churches. Zelensky’s secret police have raided monasteries across Ukraine, even a convent full of nuns, and arrested dozens of priests for no justifiable reason whatsoever and in clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution, which apparently no longer matters. And in the face of this, the Biden administration has said nothing.

Last week, he announced his plan to ban an entire religion, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – more than a thousand years old – and to seize its property, all for being insufficiently loyal to his regime. A free country does not ban a major religion.

Nor is it permissible in time of war to place soldiers in churches. It’s wrong to arrest dozens of priests. It’s a war crime. And he’s doing it to a Ukrainian church!

Joe Biden remains silent about all this – of course.

So is the Deep State – and the Uni-Party. The establishment media have fawned over him since Day 1, with Time magazine this week naming him “Person of the Year.”

Here’s Lindsey Graham: “To the Ukrainian people, you can expect the Congress to be there with you in terms of supporting your efforts to maintain your freedom.”

Here’s Biden’s mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre: “Everything that we can do to be helpful to them as they fight for their freedom [we will do].”

Here’s Sen. Chris Coons, Biden’s shadow: “I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine.”

Here’s Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser: “We will continue to provide military equipment so that Ukraine can defend its territory and its freedom.”

Here’s Mitt Romney: “And let’s get the job done so that we can save lives in Ukraine and defend the cause of freedom.”

And Biden himself: “The free world had no choice. America could not stand by. The American people did what they always have done: defend freedom around the world.”

You know what Big Tech and the U.S. media are like. Ukraine is worse. The Zelensky government bans all opposition voices and parties. Priests are arrested. Is that freedom?

I repent of my once-enthusiastic support of Zelensky and the immoral war in Ukraine. Not another dime for the U.S. war machine in Ukraine. Not now. Not ever. We were sold a bill of goods.

I regret my support for this quagmire – just one more permanent war for the war party.

It was never the right call – especially when we are at real risk of nuclear war.

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