Chief reason for GOP losses: Democrats cheat … and do it well

By WND Guest Columnist

By Brad Lyles, M.D.

Republicans are once again searching frenetically for an oracular pronouncement about what they failed to see in a failed election, this time in 2022.

“How could this have happened?!”

“It must have been the Trump effect and the extreme MAGA wing of the party – and their candidates!”

“It must be our message, our manner, our lack of money, or Mitch McConnell!”

“It must be abortion, fickle soccer moms, inconstant Independents, single white women, post-graduates, the Media, Big Tech censorship, misled millennials, illegal aliens, or Generation Z!”

They cry to the heavens, “What did we do wrong?!”

And, once again, they are misled, by the same hack consultants, bleeding them dry, and the same clueless pundits of Conservative Inc.

Why? Because they are all missing the obvious diagnosis. They are on the wrong side of Occam’s razor, failing to recognize the simplest explanation for their electoral failure, discounting it even when they mention it – as if it’s “baked in” and no longer the elemental deciding factor in our elections today. Perhaps the obvious is just too banal: “Everybody knows it, so let’s talk instead about all this other stuff, and Mitch McConnell.”

The obvious diagnosis is: Democrats cheat.

And if Democrats don’t cheat, Democrats don’t win. And since Democrats are so fantastically skilled at cheating, they win even when everyone hates them and hates everything they’re doing.

Cheating wins.

Of course, as outlined earlier, multiple factors in addition to cheating played a significant role in neutralizing Republicans’ Red Wave – but it is the cheating that is foundational. Because none of the multiple other factors pertinent to our defeat, or victory, have relevance as long as cheating remains. Cheating defeats them all. Cheating is the ultimate hole card; merely consider Maricopa County this very week.

Cheating will always defeat even the most aggressive efforts to win elections – even if every such effort is executed perfectly. Even if Mitch McConnell were really a Republican.

The most recent example of efforts – beyond those to prevent cheating – include Republicans’ newfound awareness of Democratic success – legal success – at capitalizing on their assault upon election integrity in 2020. And it is clear that Republicans must achieve success in this new world as well, understanding that collecting ballots is more important than winning hearts and minds or having well-attended rallies. Winners now win with ballot harvesting, ballot boxes, focused canvassing, early voting, mass ballot mailing, etc. Mastery of these new election mechanics is crucial to any future Republican success.

However, even if Republicans achieve success in this new arena, their electoral victories will be short-lived, because no matter how many votes or ballots Republicans deliver, Democrats will always find more – because Democrats will manufacture more – because Democrats cheat, and they do it well.

It was not so long ago, in fact, say, prior to 2020, that it was hard to contemplate the reach and range of Democrats’ capacity to cheat. How could it be possible for so many people at so many levels among the Democrats to be as corrupt as they’d have to be to cheat so well?

Even the most cynical among us was awestruck in 2020 – and many disbelieving – that the Democrats were capable of orchestrating the most extensive, well-organized and well-implemented fraud in American electoral history. But they did.

Given our hard-won insights of 2020, however, how could we fail to suspect fraud would be present in 2022 to a degree that would change election outcomes – fraud that was even more extensive yet covert, fraud that now inserted itself far down into the ballot, from U.S. Senate down to state senate races?

How could anyone think there would be less cheating? Truly, could there be any other credible explanation for John Fetterman’s victory in Pennsylvania? Really? Or the switch from Red to Blue in the Pennsylvania State House – for the first time in over a decade?

But wait! Isn’t it the state legislature that controls elections? Why yes, it is. Unless it’s a Republican legislature.

But wait! Doesn’t this mean that election fraud is now guaranteed in the Keystone State in 2024? Why yes, it does. Who knew?

And we can already discount Michigan and Wisconsin, both retaining Democratic governors and election systems – and Wisconsin, in, particular, retaining “Republican” House Speaker Robin Vos, scourge of all election integrity efforts in the Badger State.

Hopping over flyover land, we arrive in Arizona, 2022, now home of the most flagrantly corrupt election in U.S. history – a monument to malevolence disguised as incompetence – and only scantily disguised.

What did everyone think would happen in 2022? Did we really expect the Democrats to forget, to misplace their memories of the means by which they took illegitimate control of an entire nation in 2020?

Had we yet seen any evidence – at all – of any effective change in circumstances that would predict Democratic cheating in 2022 would somehow have become attenuated, have manifested as a “kinder and gentler” sort of deceit? For example, we do have more poll watchers. But poll watchers are useless if they are merely empowered to ‘watch’ Democrats as they cheat.

Again, consider the example of Maricopa County, where not only poll watchers, but also poll workers, election officials, “roving attorneys” and even citizens, in every voting center, “watched” as the election was stolen from them, and right in front of them – entirely powerless to stop the steal.

And, given this example, and the innumerable similar examples in 2020, is there any reason a reasonable person might harbor for expecting Democratic Party cheating not to have benefited from two more years’ practice, that it would not have become far more invidious, invasive and comprehensive?

In particular, did anyone believe that rewarding the Democrats for their cheating in 2020, and failing to punish them for it, could have any effect other than to encourage more and better cheating in 2022?

Doesn’t it remain face-obvious that an absence of enforced accountability increases bad behavior?

Somehow our leaders skipped class during this lesson.

So now we find ourselves living in a world of faux campaigns waged in basements and devoid of debates – a world where ballots matter more than votes.

And while it is certainly true that Democrats have mastered the art of (legally) gathering ballots, they have not dispensed with their mastery at manufacturing illegal ballots to be gathered.

Beyond this and more menacing than this is that most Democrats are willing to cheat, are committed to cheating and justify their cheating to themselves and the world as virtuous – as a means to the ends of a greater good.

Anyone aware of the 20th century, however, understands that a world where “the ends justify the means” is a world in which we don’t want to live.

Accordingly, if we are to derail the Democrat juggernaut, we must unflinchingly recognize the obvious. No matter how painful it is to accept or to acknowledge, no matter how fantastical it might seem, we must recognize that the simplest, most rational and most foundational explanation for Democratic victory is Democratic cheating.

We no longer have the luxury to persist in missing this diagnosis.

Brad Lyles, M.D., DFAPA, is a retired psychiatrist and activist. His writing has appeared in Canada Free Press and professional journals.

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