The greatest Big Tech censorship and cyber-attack crisis

By Joseph Farah

Elon Musk has done a great thing by buying Twitter, make no mistake about it. He was the right person, who showed up at just the right time with $44 billion, to reveal a coup d’état against the United States of America.

Understanding the recent Twitter revelations is crucial at this time if our republic is to be rescued, saved, defended.

Liberated Twitter has proved to be the onion whose layers have been pulled back to reveal Big Tech’s illegal censorship, covered up by fake-news lies, and all with the complicity of the Deep State.

What is leaking out now, thanks to Musk, is that our national elections have been deliberately compromised, in both 2020 and 2022, through voter suppression in multiple ways, depriving millions of Americans of their First Amendment rights and purposely denying voters critical information.

Musk is a hero for doing what he is doing. Without him we would still be seeing through a glass darkly.

This has been going on for some time. I saw something happening I could not explain beginning in 2016. I tried to tell you. But I did not fully comprehend it, nor could I adequately convey it.

What was it? It was the most disastrous ongoing cyber-attack in history, treasonously carried out against our nation. From my perspective, beginning in 2016, I could see WND’s revenues and visibility as a pioneering news website suddenly attacked by Big Tech – Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft. It was coordinated. It coincided with our support for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

By now you have all witnessed this – and the ways our country has dramatically changed. So have the likes of Joe Biden, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray, who have begun to bare their teeth. America has changed profoundly, I think you would agree. Most of the media are still not even covering what is going on.

Despite the rigged elections and the lack of coverage about them, Democrats hold only a tenuous grip on government.

And what was the principal claim that was denied by the Democrats in 2020? That Joe Biden was corrupted and compromised by payoffs through China and Ukraine. It was “Russian disinformation,” they said. Twitter and Facebook, we now know, were the biggest players in covering up misdeeds by Biden and Wray and the Deep State.

We’ve come to learn of others, thanks to the new Twitter information. The FBI leaked to Twitter that it knew this information on Biden family corruption was coming in October 2020. Of course, that was exactly when it came. That’s very disturbing because the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop for over a year. They knew it was real back then. That was proof of election interference by the FBI, and it was also proof that the FBI had its big thumb on the scale of the corrupt Democratic Party.

By the way, this only includes the first dumps of the Twitter files. There’s a lot more coming – even today. This is a scandal of mega-proportions.

There are dozens of FBI and CIA and other intelligence agencies embedded in Twitter along with other Big Tech executives.

Who knew? When did all this stuff start happening? You may remember me telling you this began even before Donald Trump took the oath of office in 2017. During the Barack Obama administration, I told you his office had maintained a cozy little office at the FBI. How far back did it go? How deep does the Deep State go?

What we’re witnessing being revealed before our eyes are events that compromise all of our most precious freedoms.

Now two elections have been corrupted.

Worse yet, you can’t even talk openly about it.

How do we get our country back?

Will someone my age ever see a return to America First values? That’s not a dirty word, for heaven’s sake!

Maybe it begins with Kari Lake’s lawsuit in Arizona. Pray for the judges to see beneath the surface. It’s a promising case – and it could be just the win we need to being to turn this around.

Also, pray vigilantly for America.

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