FedZilla and the bastardized Constitution

By Craige McMillan

The original Constitution of the United States of America was a creation of the states. Hint: That’s because the states existed first. Fedzilla was created to do a few things the states found difficult. Things like international diplomacy. International trade agreements, settle disagreements between states. Protect our borders from invasions.

The other reason we know Fedzilla was created to be subservient to the states is that United States senators were appointed by state governments. State legislatures appointed and removed United States senators. This gave both large and small states a way to be represented in anything Fedzilla did. The direct election of U.S. senators simply expanded the power of large, liberal states within Fedzilla. But then, that was its purpose. The more power the big and powerful have, the more they want.

The Supreme Court was created so that both America and other nations would have a place to settle their disputes. There was no FBI, no Department of Justice and no Education Department, because none of these functions was ever intended to be one-size-fits-all for all the states.

To seal the deal and keep Fedzilla from growing too large, its funding was originally limited to tariffs on trade. When the nation profited from selling goods and services abroad, Fedzilla would receive a bigger budget. When trade dwindled, so would the federal budget. This wasn’t the first rodeo for any of the Founding Fathers.

One-size-fits-all Fedzilla cheerleaders realized that this budget constraint was going to be a serious problem. They proposed various alternative measures, but most were shut down before they went anywhere. Then came the income tax amendment. Among the promises surrounding this amendment were that it would never be a tax on the working man’s wages; it would only be a tax on investment income. There are persistent rumors that the amendment was fraudulently passed, but on the other hand, we should never discount the shiny-object effect of taxing others to pay for what we want. This seems to be endemic to the human condition. Even “back in the day” stuff you got that someone else paid for was a powerful lure.

Freed from its funding constraints, Fedzilla grew rapidly. Instead of a U.S. Senate where states had veto power over Fedzilla encroachment on state government functions, federal government proponents began to prevail over the states that had created Fedzilla. Elliott Ness and the Untouchables began their war with moonshiners, many times prevailing because of income tax violations, since there was a substantial market in most states for alcoholic beverages, despite Prohibition. Power-grabbing politicians moved from state governments into Fedzilla, where they could become so much more important by writing laws for citizens of all the states at one time, a function that led to creation of federal laws, federal law enforcement and federal prisons.

Any time you put politicians and money together, you have a problem that will only grow. When you give them the ability to create laws that favor the party in power, you have finally arrived at our modern era – or should that be error?

Today, Fedzilla simply ignores laws or requirements that are not convenient to its rule over everything and everyone. For instance, the Constitution mandates that Congress has the power to declare war. Do you remember the most recent declared war? No, it wasn’t Vietnam. Had Congress insisted on its power to declare war, we would likely have been spared that brutal national division that turned so many of us against one another during Vietnam. The president is responsible for conducting a war; the Congress for declaring it. But today, both are happy to simply pretend that they can do whatever they please; no one has the authority to stop them, and even fewer the desire.

Do you think this situation would exist if we had had a real educational system? Fedzilla’s only power was what the states delegated to it by writing it into the Constitution. Do public schools even teach the Constitution anymore? Education illustrates how Fedzilla crept into supposed “local” education, financed largely by perpetual property taxes on citizens’ homes. Fedzilla, awash with tax income and print-on-demand federal reserve dollars, began issuing grants to local school districts. Guess what? These grants come with strings attached. Do what we want this year, or we won’t renew your education grant for your favorite educational goodie. Thus Congress and the Executive delegate your child’s education to a handful of woke education bureaucrats whose main goal is getting themselves a position in Fedzilla. And we wonder why Johnny can’t read. But he sure is woke.

Under the original, pre-bastardized Constitution, Fedzilla would be a fragment of its current size, and bureaucrats would be working on increasing the goods and services sold by America to other nations and negotiating the contracts with those nations. The current Fedzilla system couldn’t help us if it wanted to, which it most certainly does not.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. 4 of the Armageddon Story novel series.

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