Did Biden order bombing of Nord Stream pipeline? Seems so

By Joy O'Curran

For those of us of younger generations, Seymour “Sy” Hersh is not a well-known name. But in days past, his investigative journalism was nothing short of award-winning. Hersh earned his 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting for exposing the 1968 My Lai Massacre in Vietnam and the ensuing government cover-up. His resume includes writing as a first-rate reporter for The New Yorker and the New York Times, participating in the reporting on the 1972 Watergate scandal. His 2004 article in the New Yorker called “Torture at Abu Graib” covered the disgusting abuse of prison inmates by U.S. intelligence officials, proving culpability to the highest levels of federal government. All this is to say that Hersh is a seasoned reporter on international and governmental misbehavior and apparently still has a wealth of contacts in well-placed positions throughout the world.

Hersh has apparently determined to go independent at this point in his career and open a substack page – and his first post is a doozy. He has alleged that it was U.S. intelligence and military that blew up Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline in northern Europe with the help of the Norwegian navy, Sept. 26, 2022. The report indicates that this was being planned as early as December of 2021, prior to the Feb. 28, 2022, invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Of course, Hersh does not name the national security sources his reporting relied upon but gives compelling details on communications on the subject between the Biden White House, the Pentagon and the CIA.

Hersh notes, regarding the U.S. government’s motives, “As long as Europe remained dependent on the pipelines for cheap natural gas, Washington was afraid that countries like Germany would be reluctant to supply Ukraine with the money and weapons it needed to defeat Russia.” I would add to that the possibility of Germany losing its motivation to participate fully in international sanctions against Russia, refusing the natural gas needed to keep its factories humming and its people from freezing to death in winter. When the people rise up with good reason, the government, no matter how elitist and hard-nosed, generally has a hard time not capitulating. With the Nord Stream pipeline out of the picture, Germany is much more likely to play along.

Russia has long indicated that it believed U.S. involvement in the sabotage was without doubt. It remains to be seen how Hersh’s article will affect international diplomacy, if at all.

If Russia begins to cry foul and vehemently saber rattle, it is my hope that the Republicans in charge in the House of Representatives take this bull by the horns and use it to charge forward with an investigation.

If and/or when they discover that Hersh is correct, I hope they use it not only to impeach President Biden who gave the order, but also to eviscerate and separate the leadership of our morally bankrupt intelligence services under the auspices of international diplomacy and to take the opportunity to implement some much needed moral guardrails and accountability to those intelligence services.

If another nuclear-armed power is taking aim at us for our leaderships’ misdeeds, it is possible that enough members of the Senate will be motivated to act in everyone’s best interest to bring about Biden’s post-impeachment removal. We can worry about “Kamaler” (as Bernie Sanders calls her) after we get the first problems handled. Give her enough opportunity and she’ll expose herself to an impeachable offense in short order, if she hasn’t already. (I wonder if we should consider a constitutional amendment for removal of a president or vice president for sheer incompetence.) The first order of business, though, is to avoid direct engagement with another nuclear power because our leadership messed up!

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