Biden’s bluster and the final world war

By David McQuade

“Look at what they’ve done to their own people. They’re destroying family, national identity; they are abusing their children. Even pedophilia is announced as a normal thing in the West. And they’re recognizing same-sex marriages. That’s fine that they’re adults. They’ve got the right to live their life. And we always, we’re very tolerant about this. … Nobody is trying to enter private lives of people, and we’re not going to do this. However, we need to tell them, but look at the scriptures of any religion in the world. Everything is said in there. And one of the things is that family is a union of a man and a woman.

“But even the sacred texts are subjected to doubt. (Denominations) are planning to consider the idea of a gender-neutral God. What can you say here? Millions of people in the West understand that they are being led to spiritual destruction. Elites are going crazy, and this cannot be cured it seems. But our duty is to protect our children. And we will do this. We will protect our children from degradation. It’s obvious that the West will continue trying to destabilize our society. They’ll be using our traitors, who’ve been throughout the ages, have the same attitude to their own people, hatred for their own nation.”

This impassioned speech was not delivered by a concerned pastor about the insanity of the West’s cultural meltdown. It was by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his televised remarks last week.

To be clear, I’m no fan of heavy-handed, duplicitous, ex-KGB Putin. And however hypocritical we believe his words, like it or not, perception is reality a half a world away. Russians listening to his words, including the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church sitting on the front row, nodded enthusiastically.

It’s important to understand they are not alone in fearing the tectonic cultural shift of the West away from millenniums of traditional values. China has said as much of late. The Middle East has said as much for decades. Whatever we may think of the righteous cause of our proxy war in Ukraine, Russia, China and others don’t see winning it as only geopolitical – to them it’s about saving mankind from a perceived cancer eating at the heart of global humanity.

And while you won’t hear it from D.C., it’s even more complicated than just that.

Lest we forget, before the war commenced, Ukraine was fully committed to becoming a card-carrying, missile-embedded member of the West’s NATO. The dance was getting uncomfortably close and slow for neighboring Russia, and Moscow sounded the warning alarm multiple times to no avail.

This would be no different than Canada or Mexico committing themselves to becoming a card-carrying, missile-embedded member of the Russian Federation or CCP. Until the U.S. has completely relinquished the concept of sovereignty, we, too, would likely push back hard on such an eminent threat.

But rather than negotiating a reasonable settlement, assuring Russia that NATO troops and missiles will not occupy the border of the massive, energy-rich nation (a lifeline to all of Europe as it turns out), our leaders are doubling down and saber rattling to a near deafening pitch – to the mortal harm of innocent Ukrainians caught in the middle.

As increasingly implacable language on both sides of the proxy war escalates, we can only pray the bluster from our elderly president doesn’t serve to blunder us into the final world war. But clearly, it’s not headed in the right direction, and it can escalate out of control in an instant.

As demonstrated a few weeks ago, it’s clear that world powers have made a point to tediously map out our military installations and their vulnerabilities. If they decide to go all in, they won’t make the mistake Japan made 82 years ago by simply awakening the sleeping giant. This time it will be a multi-targeted, simultaneous attack at a breathtaking and crippling scale. And it wouldn’t necessarily take extinction-level nuclear ICBMs to do so; tactical nuclear warheads will do nicely.

The proxy war has become unequivocally hot – declared on both sides as recently as this week, with no negotiation in site. Hopes that cooler heads would prevail are fading in the absence of wise leaders in the tradition of predecessors who did everything in their power to keep a lid on the unspeakable terrors of nuclear war. It’s a Pandora’s box that should never, ever, be opened.

Not to state the obvious, but we’ve never headed into any world war so culturally, spiritually and politically divided. It would hardly be “the greatest generation” perfectly united in spirit, fighting to preserve America’s cultural and religious freedoms, something half of Americans questions daily.

We also haven’t gone to war a staggering $32 trillion in debt before. It’s doubtful the sale of U.S. War Bonds to patriots who’ve lost faith in our inflated dollar will bail out the war efforts this time around.

Not to mention the unshakable “friendship” between Russia and China as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal – as it increasingly is with India, the second largest nuclear power on earth by population. Place near-nuclear Iran in that same growing coalition.

The next catastrophic world war will be fought in a dizzying number of multiple theaters, making the last one look refreshingly simplistic – with a military already stretched thin as we deplete arms and resources to Ukraine along with hundreds of billions of dollars desperately needed here at home to prepare.

We can indignantly cross our arms all we want, seizing moral high ground and insisting the progressive West’s hatred of traditional family values is somehow enlightening. But if this escalating, rhetorical madness continues unabated, we should immediately convert our automobile, sewing machine and aircraft plants into manufacturing only war machines.

During World War II, my mom worked in the bomb factory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. My father dropped them from B-17s over Germany. Of necessity, they were realists. Conversely, the latte-sipping generation has largely lived in peace hard won by that forgotten generation, disconnected from the abject horror of 60 million people dying in a single war. Strategists insist as many would die week one of a nuclear exchange.

Are we ready for that?

Before all hell breaks loose, our heady, saber-rattling, war-intoxicated leaders need to sober up and get on their knees, collectively crying out for wisdom to the Prince of Peace.

Lord, please extend mercy and send global revival. Your planet is headed for cataclysm.

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