‘Black’ youths behaving badly: I blame their mothers

By Mychal Massie

America has become the epicenter of denial for the behavior of those who embrace the falsity of there being such a thing as skin colors that are either excusable or accusable for all ills, depending upon which side of the system of belief you subscribe to.

A video a 6-foot-6-inch, 270-pound student savagely beating a female teacher even after he had pummeled her into unconsciousness emerged just a few days ago. We’ve also seen horrific video of two boys beating a 9-year-old little girl on a school bus, while neither the two adults on the bus, the bus driver nor another student lifted a finger to help the small child. There are videos of animalistic young men traveling in what amounts to wolf packs, walking up to vulnerable persons and smashing them in the face with all of their might in an effort to knock them out. Points and bragging rights were awarded to those who succeeded with just one punch. Videos of a pack of school children beating and kicking a defenseless little boy are beyond sickening. And let’s not omit the bipedal animal who walked up to a barely ambulatory elderly gentleman and clubbed him as hard as possible in the face with his fist. I could fill a novella with examples of attacks like this.

But, the question that begs an answer is why these hoodlums have supposed-to-be African names that not even real Africans use. (My Christian friend in Nigeria is named Roger, for example, not “Apsolusa Mpoo-poo Du Dew Jones” – sarcasm absolutely intended.)

I’ve concluded that the rage exhibited by these young men is directly attributable to the bitterness, rage and hatred their mothers act out and verbalize every day. I’ve seen, as have many of you, videos of these women behaving like animals in the jungles their so-called people supposedly come from.

Their mothers transmit rage and aggressive hatred because of the life they live. There are emotional and mental consequences for the over 21 million women for whom being a crayon color is more important than embracing modernity. Bitterness becomes a way of life when they see two or three of the daddies of their children riding around in a car, when they’re forced to take a bus or subway. Living in squalor amidst ever-declining levels of crime takes a toll, especially if they’re honest enough to realize they could have made something better out of their lives. Poor hygiene, squalid living conditions, nothing to look forward to that remotely resembles success generation after generation, engenders hopelessness and bitterness that metastasizes into rage that must be vented.

These young men and young boys grow up watching and hearing their mothers endless rage-filled outbursts. You don’t just shrug off the rage these young men see and experience every day. The same goes for the young girls as they’re growing up. Even in quasi-clean neighborhoods, the reality is the same when it comes to hopelessness of life.

We need not be students of Aristotelian mimesis to understand their behavior is the reality of their lives, which simply stated is “pain.”

In an April 1, 2014 article titled “Unladylike Black Girls Isn’t A Cultural Norm,” I quoted Monique Morris, co-founder of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute, in Oakland, California, dismissing accountability for these female children. Morris said: “Black girls are getting into trouble at school for just being who they have to be.” HAVE TO BE? Are you kidding me?

Morris continued: “The majority of black girls who have been suspended got kicked out for being loud, even if they weren’t being disrespectful. It’s cultural for black girls to speak up, and they’re going to fight back if something is wrong.” Such a comment that denies the truth of reality exemplifies how far these people are willing to go to avoid personal responsibility.

In a June, 2017, syndicated piece, I wrote that the poor impulse control in the classroom by these young girls was being assuaged by claiming the girls were being stereotyped.

Trying to make bad behavior a cultural norm is not a corrective step. It’s not stereotyping when they are: “aggressive, promiscuous and defiant. … [As I wrote at the time] Black girls are 6.1 times more likely to be expelled from school than white girls. To make matters worse, they are 2.5 times more likely to be expelled without educational services.”

I say, if they behaved themselves and acted like human beings, they would be able to fully use the classroom resources. Even so, why are they not encouraged to utilize the public library? Or, is that kind of behavior culturally unacceptable, because it carries a connotation of personal responsibility?

Hiding behind immature excuses, rejecting modernity and acting as though there were no consequences for reckless abandon is simply the answer to how a person can best underachieve and reduce all hope of self-advancement.

I further argue that the rage embodied and exhibited by these women is nothing short of demonic – and only a fool would argue to the contrary.

When a child, especially a male child, grows up without a father, he takes on the qualities and characteristics of the environment around him. This isn’t rocket science. The young men model what they see and emote the disregard for life from abortion to disrespect for life to fathering children out of wedlock, continuing generational absence of propriety and responsible behavior.

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