Dems unite against bill requiring schools to inform parents about ‘transgender’ kids

By Peter LaBarbera


Every single Democrat in the Virginia House of Delegates voted against a “common sense” bill that would require schools to notify parents if their child is “self-identifying as a gender different from the student’s biological sex.”

The bill, HB 2432, also “clarifies that the definition of child abuse does not include so-called misgendering,” the Daily Caller reported. “Misgendering” is the LGBT-activist term for referring to a trans-identified person by his or her biological sex as opposed to their opposite-sex “gender identity.”

HR 2432 passed the House 50-48 Tuesday with all 47 Democrats and a lone Republican (Del. Roxann Robinson, Chesterfield) voting against it. It now moves to the Virginia Senate where passage will be much more difficult, as Democrats hold a 22-18 advantage in that body.

The bill states: “No licensed school counselor, professional counselor, clinical social worker, or psychologist or other counseling personnel in any school division shall (i) encourage or coerce a minor to withhold from the minor’s parent the fact that the minor’s perception of his or her gender or sex is inconsistent with the minor’s biological sex or (ii) withhold from a minor’s parent information relating to the minor’s perception that his or her gender or sex is inconsistent with the minor’s biological sex.”

The legislation is named “Sage’s Law” after the adopted daughter (and granddaughter) of Michele Blair — Sage Lily Blair — whose opposite-sex “trans male” persona, “Draco,” was intentionally kept hidden from her “nana” (Michele), first by school authorities and then judges, along with “child welfare” agencies. That was the beginning of Sage’s horrifying trial in which she was first abused in a boys school bathroom (Michele was never informed of the incident), before running away from home. She was ultimately rescued by the FBI in Texas after being sex-trafficked.

Blair testified to Virginia lawmakers Jan. 30 about the plight of Sage, “who was brutally sex-trafficked and gang-raped after school officials, and then the state, intervened after accusing her parents of abuse for ‘misgendering’ Sage. They kept Sage, who claimed to identify as a boy at the time, in a male children’s home for over two months where she was ‘repeatedly assaulted’ and given drugs,” according to the Daily Caller.

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Daily Caller relays Michele’s powerful testimony and the horrifying story of her sex-trafficked adopted, gender-confused daughter:

Sage suffered from depression and anxiety when the COVID pandemic began, concerns which her teachers shared with Michele, she testified.

“The transparency ended in August 2021 when Sage started high school,” Michele said. “She started a public high school and she told me that all the girls there were bi, trans, lesbian, emo, and she wanted to wear boys clothes and be emo. Because I saw it as just a phase it was fine with me. But at school she told them something different, she was now a boy named Draco with male pronouns. Sage asked the school not to tell me and they did not tell me.”

“No one told me but boys followed her, touched her, threatened violence and rape. Something happened in the boy’s bathroom but for two days the school told me nothing. They kept meeting with Sage alone, and she became so distraught they called me to pick her up,” she continued.

A printed version of Sage’s story told by Michele along with her sharing the heart-wrenching story at a press conference can be found at this link (see video at bottom), and Michele’s legislative testimony before Virginia lawmakers can by viewed in full below courtesy of the Daily Caller’s Rumble page (start around the 5:00 mark):

The Republican sponsor of the Sage bill, Del. Dave LaRock, tweeted Tuesday, “I am grateful for my GOP colleagues’ support for this bill to ensure parents aren’t excluded when a child transitions at school, or charged with abuse/neglect for affirming their child’s biological sex. … I am disappointed that all Democrats voted against this common-sense bill. I urge all Virginians to contact their Senator urging broad bipartisan support for this important legislation.”

LaRock said he had hoped to find common ground with some Democrats in the area of protecting children, but instead the Democrats “completely condemned everything we’re doing.”

“For some reason this area of LGBT rights is just off-limits to Democrats,” LaRock told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins as a guest on Perkins’ radio show Thursday. “It’s this identity politics that requires them … to be 100 percent affirming of everything LGBT. …”

Republicans nationwide are legislating against the trans agenda, with particular focus on youth who are pushed into making life-changing and body-altering “gender” choices.

Leading the charge against HB 2432 was biological male, self-styled “trans woman” and LGBT activist Virginia Delegate Danica Roem, D, Prince William County. Speaking on the House floor, Roem angrily called it a “reckless” bill that would drive “transgender” kids with unsupportive parents into homelessness. He said the bill “deals with forcibly outing trans kids” and scolded the body’s Republicans: “You have no idea the harm you’re causing.”

But the Republicans in the House, with the exception of Robinson, were not swayed. With the proliferation of “detransitioner” testimonies (men and women leaving trans identities behind and returning to living confidently in their biological sex), and stories of educational elites abusing parents’ rights to push the trans agenda, LGBT activists have lost their monopoly on victimhood narratives that for decades have helped advance their agenda in legislative and judicial chambers.

In a statement to the Daily Caller, LaRock said:

“I am immensely grateful to Sage and her mom Michele. They have endured this horrific ‘lived experience,’ as Sage, a bright and lovely child, was failed at every turn by adults implementing the very policies my Democrat colleagues voted today [Feb. 7] to perpetuate.

“Sage will spend the rest of her life recovering. We can’t undo the harm done to Sage, but we can help protect others.

“There are countless medical and legal reasons why parents need to be included in decisions involving such a sensitive part of their child’s life, and I shared a number of these reasons on the House floor. It is essential that we protect children who are actually facing abuse, and Sage’s Law upholds current law in doing this

“Today, 50 Republican Delegates passed Sage’s Law and said NEVER AGAIN will we allow this to happen to another child, while we also closed the door to block judges or social workers who would make parents criminals if they affirm a minor child’s biological sex. All Democrats voted against Sage’s Law, apparently willing to leave the door open to predators by preserving the secrecy in which they thrive.”

In a tweet Thursday reacting to a Democrat pooh-poohing the idea of notifying parents when an “outside speaker” (such as an LGBT activist) comes to their child’s school, LaRock said, “Democrats continue down the path [Democrat former Virginia governor] Terry McAuliffe articulated in 2021 – schools can keep parents in the dark because bureaucrats know better than parents … several good parental involvement bills are headed to Senate; if Dems don’t change course, could be a rough year for them. …”

The following is video by the Virginia Family Foundation of a Jan. 19 press conference featuring Michele Blair, who begins speaking at the 3:00 mark:

EDITOR’S NOTE: What is behind the current war against America’s children? Why are so many adults killing their unborn children right up to the moment of birth, or even after? Why are millions of kids sexualized virtually from birth, and injected with an experimental “vaccine” proven to be both ineffective and dangerous, then as toddlers transported to events glorifying mentally ill, demonically possessed men dressed as women?

Why are America’s children systematically sexualized at school, and by transgender recruiters on social media platforms like TikTok, seducing many into “identifying” as the opposite gender, or a brand-new imaginary gender, then encouraged to take powerful drugs and hormones and have their healthy breasts amputated or undergo chemical or surgical castration?

Why are our children simultaneously indoctrinated with toxic Marxist ideologies like “critical race theory” intended to condition them to hate and reject their own country, parents, faith, race, gender and themselves? Why are they simultaneously being frightened of the future by being fed lurid, terrifying – and groundless – apocalyptic tales of the imminent destruction of the world due to global warming?

No wonder youth suicides have skyrocketed, as have depression, anxiety, addiction and drug overdoses. Indeed, fentanyl, the No. 1 cause of death of younger Americans 18 to 45, destroys multitudes of children annually.

Make no mistake: The harm being done to America’s children in this multi-front war is not accidental: Children are the primary target.

WHY? How can all this be happening in the greatest nation on earth? Who and what is behind it? And HOW CAN IT BE STOPPED?

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