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Millions upon millions of Americans, as well as many people around the world, are shocked and stunned at what is happening to our once-great and blessed nation, the United States of America. Many are wringing their hands in astonishment trying to make any rational sense of what is really going on.

The answer to all of this is quite simple. We allowed, we invited, an enemy, a man of lawlessness, to sit in a place where he ought not, in our house, the People’s House. And once he was seated, he systematically set about to destroy the foundation of that house.

On Jan. 20, 2009, we officially ceased to be a constitutional republic. The foundation of our House, our Constitution, was shattered, and on that very date the rule of law ceased to be the law of the land, and the rule of man became the law of the land.

After eight years of doing his treacherous deeds, his rule was unexpectedly interrupted by a warrior of and for the people, a warrior for our Constitution and our republic. Seeing his boldness and fearlessness, many Americans began to wake up to see the evil deeds of destruction that were being inflicted upon our beloved nation.

Unfortunately, however, by this time our Constitution and the rule of law had been so seriously eroded and compromised that the power brokers were able, through treachery and deceit, to sideline the people’s warrior and replace him with a patsy, an angry demented stooge. He has shown great commitment and dedication to the destruction of our once-great constitutional republic.

Our Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to form a more perfect union, with our Constitution serving as its bedrock, its very foundation. In order to protect and preserve that union, our founders set in place certain rules and restrictions as to who is eligible and who is not eligible to be seated in the People’s House. Anyone too young of age or anyone not a “natural born citizen” cannot legally be seated in the People’s House as our national leader.

The news agencies in this country are supposed to be our eyes and our ears, and report to us. That is why they are called reporters. It became abundantly clear in 2008 that the news agencies in this country had abdicated their responsibility of investigating and reporting on the subject of presidential eligibility, This subject became so toxic that even the conservative news reporters and commentators would not touch it. Even “the great one” would not allow this subject on his radio program, and he is supposed to be a constitutional scholar.

To my knowledge, the only real news source that dared investigate and report this subject was Joseph Farah and WND. Whether or not he knew it at the time, through his investigative work and reporting, he committed the “unpardonable sin” in the world of news reporting. He had to be brought down and he had to be destroyed. Actually, what they did to him and WND almost killed him and almost destroyed his business.

It is my hope and my prayer that he and WND can continue to blaze trails where others are too timid and too fearful to go.

Stephen Schrock

Since when do ‘facts’ matter?

Regarding “The 13 facts Trump can take into any Jan. 6 trial,” what is published in the column is correct – but it makes no difference. A paid-off Democratic judge and a jury full of Democrats, anti-Trumpers and a few federal agents incognito, and POOF, a guilty verdict.

Wake up! The rule of law has vanished like April snows. There is only a guilty verdict in these Soviet-style “trials.”


Digital dollar: Disaster

Thank you for a good article alerting us about the ticking time bomb that is the digital dollar. Few people are aware that the new dollar will be under the authority of the Central Bank, and they will decide how and when one can spend this digital dollar, and where. (Only the feds can print monies, not states.)

Perhaps, if a person spends his digitals to support someone like Trump or even McCarthy or DeSantis, and later on someone like Biden or another Democrat falls from grace, that person will find his account empty with no place to go. Our money will become the Fed’s money just as today, e.g., “the treasury taps retirement funds to avoid breaching U.S. debt limit.”

It is said that FTX created a backdoor. How do we trust three bank entities who are testing the new dollar to not program-in a backdoor to allow for such things as percentages for a “big guy” or diversion of funds to some entity as the DNC, foreign government that some bureaucrat owes, etc. And, could some foul programming bring down the entire banking system?

While the leftist magicians are having us look at the hand with the Biden classified and top secret documents, we are all ignoring the total control hand holding ticking time bomb, Executive Order 14067, a disgrace that is about ready to go into effect. Someone needs to tell McCarthy and Congress if we don’t stop this, they may put him and his supporters on the eventual list of bank account shutdowns.

It has been said that the new digital dollar is based on the Chinese Communist Party model of social credits. Perhaps, those who are wealthy will have to buy social credits (as well as carbon credits) to exist.

Thanks again for your article.

Pam Knapp

Everything but the smoke …

Why is there a Republican National Committee when they basically don’t do anything political? McDaniel says, “I’m not the coach. I don’t pick the players, the voters do. I don’t call the plays, the candidates pick their own plays.” And she has been selected secretly by 111 out of 168 people to lord over the Republican Party. This is crazy. It would be fantastic to know who these 168 are that have such magic. I feel trapped under their thumb. Plus this is McDaniel’s fourth term!

I think the RNC should be ignored and let the Republicans run their own districts.

By the way, I’m a registered Independent. You might say the RNC is the reason.

Jim Dollar

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