Why do 30% of girls want to die?

By Patrice Lewis

When I was a young woman (early ’80s), modern feminism was on the ascendency. We were strong, we were invincible, we could look forward to careers, we were competing with men in the workplace.

Above all – and this was critically important – we insisted on being regarded for our brains, not our bodies. Gone were the days when women were viewed as irrational, emotional creatures unable to withstand the stresses of the workplace. We had transcended our lady parts and emerged as purely intellectual creatures.

Or so the theory went.

In practice, of course, things didn’t go quite that smoothly. Those women who truly were career-minded settled into their vocations and clawed their way to the top. Those who were less competent and presumably unable to compete with men in their chosen fields became radical feminists raging against the unfairness of the patriarchy.

Crucially, these radical feminists found the one place they could dominate: education. (What’s the old line? “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”) Whether in K-12 or at the university level, these ladies found themselves in the enviable position of indoctrinating the next generation of children and young adults into their unorthodox theories.

Having been in charge of education for the last several decades, the fruit of their radical teaching is now becoming apparent. According to CDC data from 2021, almost 6 out of 10 girls felt persistently sad or hopeless, the highest numbers ever recorded. And it gets worse. Consider this tragic column by Auguste Meyrat: “Trained To Hate Their Sex And Selves, 1 In 3 Teen Girls Now Considers Suicide.” These statistics reflect an increase of 60% from just a decade ago.

“What’s especially troubling about this report is how it runs counter to today’s conventional wisdom,” notes Meyrat. “After all, our society allegedly celebrates women more than ever and offers abundant opportunities to girls. Furthermore, women are doing much better than men in some crucial areas, outnumbering them at colleges and in the workplace. Moreover, strong female protagonists abound in popular movies and television shows. Women have more representation in politics and sports. Schools continually push girls to achieve and break glass ceilings. No longer do girls live in a world where they’re expected to find a husband, have children, and submit to lifelong domestic drudgery. They can do anything.”

If this is true, then why do one-third of our girls want to kill themselves? And why do two-thirds feel persistently sad or hopeless?

Meyrat doesn’t pin the blame solely on toxic feminism; he also attacks social media and the transgender movement. Social media, he says, is dangerous for teen girls because of its addictiveness and promotion of unattainable ideals. The transgenderism movement, too, argues that sex is fluid and that changing one’s sex will make someone happier.

Ironically, according to a column by Alex Newman in The New American, “the federal government suggested that government schools could and should be the solution to the crisis they have caused. … In reality, the escalating godlessness, immorality, humanism and ever-more extreme ‘Comprehensive Sex Education’ being forced on children in indoctrination centers masquerading as ‘public schools’ are almost certainly the primary source of the problem. Adding more of the same is tantamount to throwing gasoline on this deadly dumpster fire.” (Side note: Reason No. 5,402,248 to homeschool.)

In all events, however, the underlying message to young girls is clear: No matter what, they’re not good enough. They’re not pretty enough, smart enough, popular enough, or witty enough.

Yes, being a girl is no longer good enough. Maybe if they chop off their lady parts and replace them with man parts, that will all change. Forget brains – they must be disregarded at worst and remolded into the opposite gender at best. Gone is the quaint, old-fashioned feminism that merely discouraged girls from being homemakers. Gone are the days when girls were told they had to deny any biological urge toward motherhood and compete in the work place as purely intellectual creatures, matching men with their brains. Now, the radical leftists are encouraging girls to compete in the workplace by … becoming men. And people wonder why teen girls are suicidal? It’s too much for vulnerable adolescents to handle.

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I’m not going to go down the whole transgender rabbit hole, which is too big a subject for one column. Rather, I’m asking this: Why is it so bad to be a girl? What are these girls learning in school that makes them hate themselves so much that they want to die?

When did leftists become so anti-girl? When did it become a bad thing for a girl to be happy she’s a girl? Why must her young mind be warped by lies that she’s not good enough to reach her full potential unless she denies her biology or amputates her healthy lady parts? What happened to the classic feminist mantra that women must be regarded only for their brains, not their bodies?

This is the new generation of leftists: Those who hate themselves, and want to spread that hate to the next generation. Does this sound like a healthy attitude? Of course not. But these are the fruits of radical leftism in general and toxic feminism in particular: self-hate and suicide. And of course, if you argue with the cause, you’re branded with the usual accusations: bigot, racist, whatever.

Whatever your views on these enormous issues, you must admit the fallout is tragic. One-third of our girls should NOT be considering suicide. Two-thirds should not be feeling persistently sad or hopeless. (Although if the left’s goal is to reduce the human population on the planet, then having one-third of teen girls remove themselves from the gene pool is certainly consistent with their goals.) If these statistics are accurate, it means something has gone very, very much amiss in our society. We need to reverse course and affirm that girls are just fine the way they are.

And all this doesn’t even touch on what the left is doing to the mental health of boys.

I sincerely hope the statistics from the CDC are wrong, and that it’s a gross exaggeration that one-third of girls want to kill themselves because they’ve learned to hate what they are. But if those statistics are correct – now listen very carefully – then radical feminism, liberal wokeness and every other toxic leftist agenda must take the blame for every life taken.

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