California always caves to the ‘greenies’

By Barbara Simpson

It comes as no surprise when the news contains reports of the state of California jumping on another “green” proposal. It always happens, and it always adds up to costing the residents and businesses thousands of dollars and uncounted grief.

The latest stems from the recent reports out of Washington that the Biden administration is considering banning gas cooking stoves. That news hit the fan with outrage from across the country, not only from individuals but also from chefs, businesses and builders.

We saw all the reasons why cooking with gas is the first choice for people who cook – whether for families or for their businesses. Natural gas is in homes across the country, and it also provides heat and hot water. While there has been a push to electrify homes, gas still remains our first choice.

But now, we are being faced with the “choice” being removed and the government mandating what we can have. There are municipalities across the country that are changing their rules and mandating that renovations and new constructions NOT have natural gas use at all. Everything will need to be electric, from heat to hot water to cooking.

But those regulations were on only the municipal level until the word from D.C. came that the feds are getting int the mix. While the reaction to Biden’s proposal was strong, it died down almost immediately until San Francisco got involved. Not surprising.

The San Francisco Chronicle broke the news that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District adopted new rules to phase out the sale and installation of natural-gas furnaces and water heaters over the next eight years. Repairs can be made to existing appliances, but when new ones are needed they must be electric.

The ruling doesn’t apply directly to gas cooking stoves, but the S.F. Board of Supervisors has already banned the installation of gas lines in new buildings, which means cook stoves, and everything else, will have to be electric.

Many other jurisdictions have done the same – Berkeley, Oakland and others across the state and the country.

The reason behind such rulings stems from the belief that emissions from such gas appliances are toxic. The main pollutants being targeted are nitrogen oxides (NOx). The belief is that these can cause acid rain and smog as well as increase the risk for asthma and other respiratory diseases.

In fact, this country produces fewer pollutants than ever before, but that doesn’t stop the Democrats from pushing their point of view. It stems from the fact that natural gas is a “fossil fuel,” and the Dems are opposed just because of that.

I have spent my whole life living in homes heated with gas, with gas for cooking (it is the best!), with gas for hot water. No one in my immediate or extended family has endured any negative effects from that use nor have any of my friends or neighbors. Yet, Uncle Sam and the government busybodies claim they knows better.

Damn reality, the cost, the accumulated effects. More and more we are turning into a dictatorship that wants to control our entire lives.

There’s only one way to stop it. Remember this on Election Day and, as someone once said, “Vote the bums out!”

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