Congresswoman: ‘Preachers’ waging an ‘especially vicious crusade on our kids’

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(Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash)
(Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash)

By Harold Hutchison
Daily Caller News Foundation

Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts attacked Republicans and “preachers” Wednesday, two days after a shooting at a private Christian school.

“I rise in honor of trans joy that deserves to be celebrated, not eradicated. I rise with unconditional love for my trans daughter, Riley, and I rise in solidarity with every trans Americans seeking nothing less than their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness,” Clark said in a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives.

“To stand in the way of that right is to stand against our most basic American values, but that’s exactly what MAGA extremists are doing across this country on school boards, in state capitols, here in the halls of Congress,” Clark continued. “They’re using their power to undermine the freedoms and human dignity of trans Americans. And they’re waging an especially vicious crusade on our kids. These attacks make me all the more grateful for the unconditional love that Mimi and Joe LeMay of Massachusetts have for their son Jacob. Mimi and Joe have faced vitriol and cruelty from right-wing extremists all because they heard, accepted, and embraced Jacob when he told them he’s a boy.”


Clark’s remarks came two days after Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female shooter who identified as transgender, killed three children and three adults at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, which teaches children from preschool through sixth grade before being engaged and fatally wounded by law enforcement. Hale reportedly entered the school by shooting a side door.

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“I know your strength, but I also how determined the forces are that have pitted themselves against you, the politicians and preachers who would rather see you languish in a dark closet,” Clark added later.

Riley Dawson, who Clark referred to as her daughter, was arrested in January during a protest in Boston after allegedly spray-painting phrases associated with Antifa on the Parkman Bandstand Monument. Dawson took part in the protest that occurred in the wake of a left-wing protestor who was killed Jan. 18 in an exchange of gunfire with police in Georgia.

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