Forget GPS! Young children can learn to read maps by age 4

By Around the Web

(STUDY FINDS) – Children as young as four years-old can read maps, a new study reveals. Pre-schoolers are able to use a scale model to find things in the real world, according to researchers in the United Kingdom.

There are claims children struggle with diagrams and symbols until at least the age of seven or eight. However, spatial ability skills begin much earlier, laying the foundation for learning math and science. The discovery is based on 175 children between two and five years-old who played a spatial learning game. They were shown a sticker hidden in a virtual room and then had to look for another in the same place in an identical simulation.

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“The two and three-year-olds were not able to recognize that the spatial arrangements in the model rooms were the same. But from about four years old, they were able to use one model room as a guide to finding the object in the other,” says lead author Dr. Martin Doherty from the University of East Anglia in a media release.

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