Illegal aliens allegedly caused deadly fire near El Paso border

It is no secret that under the Biden administration, the situation at the southern border has descended into an unprecedented crisis.

An incident at a migrant center in Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, is an indication of just how serious this crisis is.

The El Paso Times reported migrants fearing deportation allegedly set fire to the National Migration Institute in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez Monday night. The fire killed at least 39 and injured 29 more, all migrants from Central America.

The report said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador claimed that the migrants barricaded the entrance to the center with mattresses when they realized that they were about to be deported back to their home countries.

Lopez Obrador told a news conference that after the migrants stacked the mattresses against the door, they set them on fire, apparently unaware of the “terrible disgrace” that would ensue.

The Times also reported that this tragic incident came on the heels of an earlier incident in which hundreds of migrants, mostly from Venezuela, tried to force their way across the U.S. border after a rumor spread that the Biden administration would allow them into the country.

This situation is absolutely horrific, and it speaks volumes about just how bad the situation on the border has become on President Joe Biden’s watch.

The Biden administration’s insane open-border policy is incentivizing people from Central America and elsewhere to make dangerous, illegal journeys to try and enter America that often end in tragedy.

If they do manage to survive the journey and make it to Mexico or the United States, they are often detained and sent back to where they came from. Many people then resort to desperate measures to try and prevent that.

This is what happened in Ciudad Juarez, and now 39 people are dead because of it.

The Biden administration and the left often speak of treating illegal immigrants with compassion. They were enraged when Republican governors sent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last fall, condemning the act as “a crime against humanity.”

But if they really do care about the plight of these migrants, why are they incentivizing them to make dangerous journeys that have a tendency to end like this?

The 39 people who died in Ciudad Juarez might still be alive today if the Biden administration had not enticed them to try to illegally enter the country.

The situation on the border has reached a breaking point. It is putting the lives of innocent people — both American citizens and migrants — in serious danger.

Biden could very easily solve this crisis by enforcing the existing border laws to prevent anarchy at the border, but his administration seems reluctant to do so.

Until the Biden administration actually takes real action, scenes like the one in Ciudad Juarez are going to continue.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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