Oh, what wonderful wars: The West’s lying warlords

By Ilana Mercer

While offering meek opposition to the Ukraine project, the ostensibly “sane” wing of the GOP is ready with an alternative war: China. The base seems on board with the crazy buildup in American belligerence toward China. I am, however, buoyed by Africa’s resistance to U.S. foreign-policy diktats, the direction taken by African leaders with Putin, to be precise.

“Uganda will not succumb to pressure from former colonizers in the West to turn against Russia,” stated the Ugandan foreign minister, “as longstanding bilateral relations with Moscow are too important.”

The clownish “colonizer” riff aside, African leaders’ sentiments pertaining to the Russia-Ukraine, American-courted quagmire are apt: America has “canceled countries, and killed the ancient, civilizing concept of neutrality.” That Africa, but not Europe, is demanding the freedom to choose its alliances is commendable.

Africa’s pushback against war with Russia provides some welcome oscillation in the faulty circuit of American hegemony.

Skepticism is duly in order – “Laughing Out Loud” emojis, rather – when the FBI, apparatus of an “Empire of Lies,” embraces the intentional-leak theory as to COVID’s origins.

As it happens, “FBI Director Christopher Wray,” reports the BBC News, “has said that the bureau believes COVID-19 most likely originated in a Chinese government-controlled lab.” You don’t say. That settles it, now, doesn’t it? Well, no, it doesn’t. Not with the FBI’s lousy track record for veracity, neutrality and reliability.

Coming from the FBI, the intentional-leak theory seems rich – certainly as “intuitive” as Russia blowing up “the Nord Stream pipelines, also some of Europe’s most important civilian energy infrastructure.” By no coincidence, the FBI is currently running interference in a kinetic war with Russia and in a ramp-up to confrontation with China. (Leaks in biosafety level-4 laboratories have occurred both in the U.S. and in China.)

So, who gave COVID to the world? The bat-eating Chinese people thus gifted the world. The plague-delivery pedigree of the Chinese is solid. Courtesy of the Chinese, the West got the H2N2 virus in 1957 and the H3N2 virus in 1968. Granted, the Chinese viral supply chain was broken with the H1N1 flu; it came from Mexico. But, with the bird flu, SARS and SARS-CoV-2, the Chinese had fully reestablished their conventional disease-delivery credentials.

As conservatives tell it, the Chinese Communist Party is responsible for COVID, rather than the many millions of Chinese, who capture, torture – boil alive – and consume wild animals in ways that beggar belief.

Going by such COVID culpability theories, the steady stream of “China plagues” has had nothing to do with the noble Chinese people, who were just hanging – being the freedom-loving, civilized sorts they are; going about the business of making the world a better place – when, lo and behold, their scheming, communistic government sprung the COVID on them – and the world.

The clincher: If we know anything about the Chinese it is that, unlike the Americans, they do tend to act in the national interest. COVID was, very plainly, not in the national interest.

Jane Goodall, a wise woman, is not the only scientist who has warned one and all against the brutal, barbaric manner in which animals, wild and domestic, East and West, are being husbanded, creating the conditions and the opportunities for viruses to jump from animals across the species barrier to humans.

To me, the fact that the little COVID RNA strand has progressed quite conventionally from virulent to harmless further supports the supposition that SARS-CoV-2 has not been humanly engineered to resist such biologically predicted evolution.

Predictably, the left chose to forsake animals to the tortures of the Chinese wet market, rather than campaign to close these. And no, Tucker Carlson, wet markets are not only for fish, as the host asserted in the first week of March of 2023. China’s wet markets, set up by immigrants in the U.S. too, are hell on earth for animals; places where mammals and feathered friends are tied up, stacked in cages and slaughtered on the spot for “freshness.”

“China plagues” was Donald Trump’s delicious coinage. Trump at CPUKE 2023 promised he’d stop the war in Ukraine, this, as he voiced a decided lack of neutrality in the conflict, even a vested interest in the outcomes for the one side. Mr. Trump continues to offer the same purely fiscal, utilitarian line on NATO, which is an excrescence of U.S. foreign policy and has been instrumental in the latest war – less funding.

Trump also asserted that he never started wars. Well, he was certainly active in Niger, and it only took tears from Ivanka to drop a daisy cutter on Syria’s Assad, who is an Alawite and friend to the Christians of Syria. Houseboy Jared was likewise overjoyed at Trump’s backing for Riyadh.

As to the Saudis’ Sunni-against-Shia religious war in Yemen, a “U.S.-backed, Saudi-led endeavor“: No tears were shed over Yemeni babies dying of starvation due to U.S.-aided blockades of that country’s ports by Saudi Arabia.

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