What do you suppose Satan’s chances of defeating God are?

By Craige McMillan

If you are wondering why today’s news and current events make so little sense – although many of us still try to piece them together – you may not yet understand that we are in the midst of an end-times spiritual battle between God and Satan over the future of this Earth.

God claims the Creator’s rights over the earth and humanity. Satan claims that the man and the woman in the Garden of Eden used their free will to choose him over God, when they ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, in defiance of God’s direct command not to so eat.

I never expected a spiritual battle to encompass this level of propaganda, yet here we are! I guess all my years of attending Bible-believing churches somehow omitted any end-times action on my part. I have occasionally mentioned before that people lie because it gives them power over other people. But it only gives the liar power if the victim believes the lie.

Our forefathers went to great lengths to limit the power of the new federal government over the citizens of the various states when they drafted the Constitution. In the end, big government supporters were quite successful in ushering in new federal powers the states never granted them: Education, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and of course the intelligence agencies, which were quickly repurposed from spying on our foreign enemies to spying on U.S. citizens here at home. No one learned this more fully than John F. Kennedy, after he tried to put the CIA back into its box. Instead, it was the new president who ended up in a box, six feed underground.

These days the intelligence agencies seem to be quite active in domestic politics. That’s only a problem when you have politicians who think these agencies are there to insure they get reelected … ad nauseam … forever. The fact that many of these politicians are broke after they get elected but rolling in money when the retire is pretty much all We The Poeple need to know about our current political system. To many of these folks, We The People simply means wee on the people, while they build their fortunes. Little wonder that God cautioned us that the love of money was the root of all evil. Not the money, but the love of it.

Despite our present condition, many Christians today think that God and politics must be kept separate. Heaven forbid the church should be salt and light to the world, demanding that the government adhere to God’s ruling rules. Yet it is hard to see how America would even exist if God had not been a part of the colonists’ weaponry against England in the War for Independence. Faith in God and a belief among the colonists that God would cause them to triumph over England was surely one of the most important weapons employed against the English Crown.

America, however, wasn’t created just for the American colonists. America was created as a light to the world: “Look, this is how a godly nation behaves in the political realm.” Perhaps it was once true, or we at least believed it was. Today, with God pushed out of our schools and our governments (and even out of some of our churches), it’s easy to doubt that God had some higher purpose in creating America than just one more nation among many.

That is, however, how Satan works. He lies about what God does and says, just like he lied to Eve in the Garden. To the extent that Christians fall for Satan’s lies (or fail to oppose them), they give Satan the victory in our nation and other nations in the world that look to us as an example of righteous government.

Satan has zero chance of ever defeating God in spiritual or natural warfare. But he succeeds more than he ever should in defeating Christians and unbelievers with his lies about the power that Christians really have in battle. The denominational battles Christians have been fighting with each other have diluted our strength and made us ineffective in battle – and placed us a long way away from the seat of power and authority that God gave us after Christ’s sacrificial death. We recover what we have lost not by winning denominational arguments with other believers, but by uniting with them in prayer for our nation, and indeed for our world.

God gave the Earth to the man and the woman in the Garden, and to their offspring, which includes us. But Satan has used infighting and denominational battles to steal much of what God gave us, because we often are more inclined to believe the Sunday morning words of a big-name pastor, over the direct Words of God in the Bible.

Religion hated Jesus when He hung on the cross, and religion hates us today when we stand in the victory Jesus bought and paid for on that day 2,000 years ago. Satan’s war today is not against God directly, but rather against God’s children.

Fortunately for us, God doesn’t make that distinction. He views an attack on his children and His church as an attack upon Himself, just as He did with Israel in the Old Testament. Satan and his One World Government will have their day, but it is not today. They will try, through their supranational governing organizations and green commandments, but they will fail, because liars always lose when the Truth comes out.

“Behind Enemy Lines, Vol. 2” in the Armageddon Story Novel Series, by Craige McMillan

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