1 hit takes down ‘woke’ agenda in church conference

By Bob Unruh

It apparently was one single shot that took down a developing “woke” agenda inside a church conference.

A new report from PJMedia explains the dispute has gotten almost no coverage.

But there was a victory by a group, the Conservative Baptist Network, which was set up in response to moves inside the Southern Baptist Convention by activists to “moderate,” or “destroy” the group’s adherence to the Bible’s definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman,

The CBN explained there have been “concerns” recently that the SBC may be “relaxing” its biblical stance on LGBT ideology.

It cited issues including “pronoun hospitality,” “whether men and women can identify as LGBTQ+ and still be faithful Christians” and more.

An accompanying move recently came from the SBC’s Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force when it wanted hire a company, Faith-Based Solutions, a division of Guidepost Solutions.

It reportedly was to help “solve problems, mitigate risks and resolve disputes…”

But then a social media statement from Guidepost, promoting its dedication to “diversity, equity and inclusion” as well as promoting its pride in being “an ally to our LGBTQ+ community” caused concerns.

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Many SBC members responded with concrete actions, led by the Florida Baptist State Board of Missions which adopted a resolution expressing concern about the issue.

Then it noted that if Guidepost was actually hired, it would “escrow a percentage of funds” that would have been allocated for the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

It said, “Staff shall designate on all remittance reports that the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention shall not receive any financial distribution from funds forwarded by the Florida Baptist Convention on behalf of its churches.”

Explained PJMedia, “Call it defunding the woke movement within the SBC.”

Such a message could not be ignored, as Florida is one of the largest state organizations in the SBC, and others likely would follow its leadership, the report said.

An announcement followed almost immediately that the ARITF would going for “alternative pathways” without Guidepost, PJMedia said.

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