In KC, a real racist killer faces trial

By Jack Cashill

Deep in his Kansas City jail cell, Frederick Demond Scott has got to be a little envious.

After threatening to “kill all white people” and making a good start on his boast, the 20-something Scott hasn’t gotten 1/100th of the notoriety heaped on his fellow Kansas Citian, 84-year-old Andrew Lester.

As the world knows, Lester shot a black teenager he thought was an intruder, thank God not fatally. In fact, Ralph Yarl was home recuperating after a few days.

Unlike Scott, whose motives were clear to everyone other than the media and the local prosecutor, Lester’s racism was simply assumed. For actual evidence, CNN could do no better than the testimony of Lester’s estranged grandson, the Satan-loving Clint Ludwig.

“He’s just a stock white Christian male, older,” Ludwig told CNN’s Don Lemon. “That’s just how they are.” For further proof of grandad’s racism, Ludwig cited Lester’s watching of Fox News.

If anyone in the family can be safely accused of racial stereotyping, it would seem to be Ludwig.

For all his notoriety, Lester is not in Scott’s league, neither as a racist, nor as an assassin. By all rights. Scott deserves more attention than Lester, much more.

In a 12-month period beginning in August 2016, the deliberative Scott stalked white people, most of them middle-aged men innocently walking their dogs.

Scott’s MO was to approach from behind and shoot his victims in the head. Before his arrest, he had killed six white people, five of them male.

Despite his best efforts, fame has eluded Scott. To this day he languishes anonymously in a Jackson County Jail. Indeed, not one Kansas Citian out of a hundred could recognize Scott’s name or pick him out of a line-up.

Scott’s trial, scheduled in June after years of inexplicable delay, will do little to raise his profile. As they have shown time and again, today’s “journalists” have zero interest in covering crime that does not reflect badly on conservatives or their agenda.

Given that the great bulk of American crime reflects badly on the left’s own agenda, the media lock on to the rare stories that seem to favor their biases like a turkey vulture with a dead fish.

The stories do not even have to be real. On the tragic end of the hoax spectrum was the murder trial of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

On the trivial end was the ordeal of the Nigerian Osundario brothers for their farcical “racist” attack on actor Jussie Smollett.

In between are a thousand micro-hoaxes, many of which get macro media coverage before dissipating into the festering miasma of American journalism history.

In the absence of any serious reflection, the question that goes unasked is whether Lester had reason to be afraid. If yes, we can trace that anxiety not to to Fox News but to a very close reading of the local media.

Under the four-year tenure of grandstanding black mayor Quinton Lucas, Kansas City has endured an explosion of crime, a disproportionate amount of which has been committed by young black men.

Thanks in large part to Black Lives Matter and an encouraging national media, the last three years have been the deadliest in Kansas City history, with an average of nearly 170 murders a year.

Kansas City’s homicide surge began after BLM’s exploitation of the shooting death of Ferguson, Missouri’s, Michael Brown in August 2014. Despite an uptick at year’s end, the city suffered just 79 murders that year.

A young black man named Brandon Howell contributed mightily to that total. Weeks after the Ferguson riots, Howell wantonly killed five white people, four of them blameless homeowners about Lester’s age.

Although Mayor Lucas is eager to blame guns – and thus, Republicans – for the city’s problems, he should note that Howell beat two of the elderly victims to death.

Howell was finally apprehended wandering the streets not far from Lester’s neighborhood. Howell had earlier been tried for the murder of two white teens, one a female. He beat that rap, but no serious person thought him innocent.

These stories made the local news, but they did not linger. The national media scarcely noticed, let alone analyzed these stories as they served no useful political purpose.

As I note in my forthcoming book “Untenable: The True Story of White Ethnic Flight from America’s Cities,” the media have been consistently lying about race for the last 60 years.

The perversely lopsided reporting of crimes like these encourages race hustlers from President Biden on down to perpetuate the lie that the great danger young black men face is from white guys watching Fox News.

Black mothers know differently. They watch in horror as their children are needlessly murdered by people who, as President Obama reminded us, look a whole lot like their own.

Jack Cashill’s newest book, “Untenable: The True Story of White Ethnic Flight from America’s Cities,” is available for pre-order in all formats.

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