We need a ‘national divorce’: How to make it happen

By Wayne Allyn Root

For two years now I’ve been calling for a “national divorce.”

I warned Democrats were crazed suicide bombers intent on destroying America, American exceptionalism and the American dream. I warned this was a communist takeover. I warned about the weaponization of the government. I warned about the end of free speech. I warned about where this was headed. That was BEFORE the crazy radical Left actually indicted former President Donald J. Trump.

Now do you understand?

The indictment of Trump is your wake-up call. We cannot live with these people. They are a combination of Soviet gulag, East German Stasi and Nazi gestapo. They are intolerant communist tyrants obsessed with controlling your life and eliminating dissent.

Recently, high-profile Republicans have followed my lead. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made headlines with her calls for a “national divorce.” Now multimillionaire CEO and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has mentioned the need for a national divorce.

Welcome to “Wayne’s World.” It’s about time.

It’s been clear to me for years now that we cannot live with Democrats any longer (i.e., crazed, radical, extreme, America-hating, white race-hating, wealth-hating, capitalism-hating, police-hating, military-hating, man-hating, woke, communist, globalist, transgender-obsessed, SUICIDE BOMBERS.

I’ve been warning loudly about this for years: These people on the Left are crazy, dangerous and extreme. And they’re clearly not going to rest until they crash our economy; destroy the greatest middle class in world history; remove free speech; take away our freedom; and make us all serfs and slaves to Big Brother.

My latest book was just released. It’s titled, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.”

It explains what’s going on in America today in detail. We are experiencing a communist takeover. A communist “Color Revolution.” The people in power are not “Democrats, liberals, progressives or even socialists.” These are full-blown communist tyrants.

Socialism is an evil economic system. But communism is about banning; silencing dissent; government propaganda; government partnership with the media; weaponization of government against political opponents; a biased two-tiered justice system; FBI raids on peaceful protesters; raids on the former president’s home; and now indicting the presidential front-runner (the biggest threat to their continued power) on bogus charges. This is full-blown communism. This is Stalin. And yes, I’m a Jew. I can say it. This is the gestapo.

What were Trump’s crimes? Here’s what Democrats were so angry about …

Trump created the greatest economy of my lifetime. Everyone had a job. He produced the lowest black and Latino unemployment in history. The highest middle-class income growth in history. Small business thrived, which led to the highest approval for a president from small-business owners in history. Manufacturing was reborn. Inflation was near zero. Interest rates were rock-bottom low. The stock market and real estate flourished. The border was secure. We experienced peace around the globe. Trump made America great again.

Those were his crimes.

That’s why Democrats hate him so much. That’s why they are obsessed to the point of mental illness with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – because he succeeded, and the Left was humiliated. He proved conservative, capitalist, nationalist, MAGA, America First policies work. If Trump was allowed to have a second term (either in 2020, or 2024) and finished the job, Democrats may have never gained power again.

Where do we go from here? We have to get away from insane, radical suicide bombers who believe in evil policies like open borders; waving in millions of migrants, thereby creating a dependent welfare state; transgender ideology taught to little children; critical race theory (white hate); defund the police; reparations; Central Bank Digital Currency combined with a social credit system; a World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty that will lead to foreigners enforcing lockdowns and experimental vaccines on American citizens; the purposeful destruction of the energy industry; future climate change lockdowns; criminalizing free speech and dissent; and an economy based on “equity, social justice, rainbow flags and obsession with transgender rights.” Those are just a few examples of the radical madness they want to impose upon us.

I repeat: We need to get away. We need to separate. We need a “national divorce.” The question is how?

I have a quick, simple and easy way to start the process that we can carry out from the safety of our living rooms or kitchen tables. It’s all explained in my latest book, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” We start by building a “parallel conservative economy.” In short, conservatives and patriots take our massive spending power and only spend and invest with companies that are run by conservatives, patriots, Christians and people of faith.

In other words, we FUND the conservative economy, and we DEFUND the leftist, woke economy.

We build a separate economy, a conservative ecosystem. We reward and enrich those on the Right. We punish and bankrupt the evil woke communists on the Left who are currently using our money to destroy America and the great American middle class.

In “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book,” we identify the 123 most conservative patriotic companies in America you can proudly buy from and invest in – without sacrificing your values or funding the destruction of everything we believe in.

A national divorce is complicated and will take many years to achieve. It may never officially happen. But our idea for a parallel conservative economy is the way to achieve an unofficial national divorce. It’s a simple, easy start.

Call it a “quickie divorce.”


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