Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces Dem primary challenge to Biden in winding speech

By Peter LaBarbera

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In a nearly two-hour speech that was equal parts history lesson, bleeding-heart liberalism, criticism of “crony capitalism,” and pro-liberty talking points that would find agreement among conservatives and libertarians, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his candidacy for the Democrat nomination for presidency in Boston Wednesday.

Kennedy joins Marianne Williamson as the two Democrats presumably challenging President Biden for the 2024 nomination, although Biden has yet to formally announce a bid for reelection.

Kennedy is the nephew of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, and the son of JFK’s younger brother and U.S. Senator and Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, whose run for the Democrat presidential nomination in 1968 was cut short by assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

The main theme of Kennedy’s speech was that a “corrupt merger of … state and corporate power” is abusing American freedoms, decimating the middle class, and causing a “toxic” polarization of society.

Kennedy is an acclaimed environmental advocate, receiving accolades for legal actions that forced the clean up of the Hudson River of pollutants. He is also chairman of the board and the chief prosecuting attorney for Children’s Health Defense, a group he founded in 2011 under a different name. CHD gained significant influence and support during the COVID pandemic by questioning the safety and efficacy of the rushed vaccines. In August 2022, Facebook and Instagram de-platformed the group for alleged “misinformation” just when Americans were increasingly questioning the government’s “misinformation” regarding the safety of the COVID shots.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday after his speech, Kennedy said, “The general theme of my speech was this corrupt merger of state and corporate power, which is turning our country into a corporate kleptocracy … into a system of … cushy socialism for the rich and this kind brutal, merciless capitalism for the poor.”

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He said the unholy alliance “keeps us in a state of war” and bails out banks while cutting food aid to the poor – a similar point he made in his speech without noting that the cutbacks in question are post-pandemic cuts in emergency food aid.

With regard to U.S. aid to besieged Ukraine, which he said has totaled $113 billion, Kennedy said, “We’re paying for a war that we can’t afford.”

He said a host of foreign policy experts ranging from Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State under President Nixon, to Jack Matlock, Reagan’s U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union, “have all said the Ukraine war is a huge problem for our country because … from a geopolitical standpoint, it’s driving the Russians closer to the Chinese, which is the worst thing for us.”

Kennedy said Americans are involved in Ukraine for the right reason, out of compassion for the suffering Ukrainian people, “but the question is: why are we in the Ukraine? Because [Secretary of Defense] Lloyd Austin … said that we’re there to exhaust the Russians. President Biden has said that we’re there to … depose [Russian president] Vladimir Putin. … If that’s why we’re there … we’re killing a lot of Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two powers.”

“What we’re being told about this war is not true,” Kennedy said, as Carlson agreed. The latter lamented that Kennedy is not receiving serious media attention to debate these issues.

On paper, Kennedy’s foreign policy sounds more isolationist than either Biden’s or Trump’s before him. His campaign website states under a section titled “Peace”: “As President, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will start the process of unwinding empire. We will bring the troops home. We will stop racking up unpayable debt to fight one war after another. The military will return to its proper role of defending the homeland. We will end the proxy wars, bombing campaigns, covert operations, coups, paramilitaries, and everything else that has become so normal most people don’t know it’s happening. …”

“We will lead by example. When a warlike imperial nation disarms of its own accord, it sets a template for peace everywhere. It is not too late for us to voluntarily let go of empire and serve peace instead, as a strong and healthy nation,” it states.

Poll shows promise
The Hill reports on a new poll that shows Robert Kennedy, Jr. already has sizeable support among Democrat voters.

“In a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, 14 percent of surveyed voters who backed President Biden in 2020 said they would support Kennedy in 2024,” the Hill reported Wednesday. Williamson, who ran for president in 2019, polled at five percent.

Like his father, Kennedy is often called “Bobby.” And like his uncle, the thrice-married Kennedy’s womanizing exploits – at least in his youth – are notorious enough to be the subject of books.

In his announcement speech, Kennedy touched on an array of issues, at times using historical references, including:

  • A promise that as president he would heal the growing polarization that afflicts the American nation;
  • A discourse on the the “chronic disease crisis” affecting America, including the dramatic rise in the number of autism cases in recent decades;
  • A strong condemnation of the government’s COVID lockdown policies, which he blamed on Trump, and which he said devastated Americans, especially minority small businessmen;
  • Kennedy drew a direct connection between America’s alleged foreign adventurism and poverty at home: “As long as our major exports are weapons and war, we will never have a middle class in this country.”
  • A condemnation of the government’s and the media’s lies to the American people, which he said has led to the public’s deep distrust of both.

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