On trans-continental stupidity

By Ilana Mercer

Anheuser-Busch’s purpose is, very plainly, to unseat and insult the American moral majority. ~ ilana

A skinny transsexual called Jacqueline Jane waxes fat on TikTok about her designer vagina. Designer anything, she contends, is always better than the humdrum, off-the-rack item. Therefore, her new body part is an improved version of an ordinary woman’s lady parts.

It is here that one needs a cultural companion guide to JJ’s unthinking “case” for the superiority of her newly fashioned orifice over that of a natural woman.

That America is “experiencing” historically unmatched levels of stupidity should not come as news. Risen to prominence around us is a sub-intelligent underclass of people, sexually straight and bent, whose behavior is grotesque. It is more patent in the female of the species, or in caricatures of it.

We don’t need to be persuaded of the stupidity that saturates our surrounds and floods our senses. Nevertheless, America’s teens, we’re informed “are dumber than they’ve been in 100 years.” “[T]he May-June 2023 issue of Intelligence,” reports Robert Spencer, “finds that young people are experiencing the most significant decline in intellectual abilities: ‘the greatest differences in annual scores were observed for 18- to 22-year-olds.'” Yet another “study by researchers at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine reveals a significant decline in American IQ scores over the past couple of decades.”

An indispensable adjunct of American-style systemic stupidity is PRIDE; we’re loud-and-proud about being handsomely equipped to fail. At least the discredited, unthinking, clownish “scientific community” is not worried about a statistically significant drop in aggregate American intelligence.

From their own sinkholes of stupidity, the bearers of this terrible news assure us that it’s all good. Lower IQs don’t necessarily mean lesser mentation, just a different kind of mental equipment. Fatherly magazine is positively fatherly about America’s dropping IQ scores: “It might not be a bad thing.” Yay.

Jacqueline Jane, our trans TikToker, isn’t American. She does show flickers of cerebral life in some of her video clips. As a pathological exhibitionist, however, JJ is likely compelled to cater to her American audience. Of her nearly 1 million “Likes,” most likely originate in the U.S. An internet search reveals that, at 109.54 million, the United States is the country with the largest TikTok audience in the world. (We celebrate our national stupidity and blame China for pervasive American decadence, decades in the making.)

The market might of the American consumer is required in order to enforce extravagant sexual sensibilities and sensitivities state-side and abroad. We now have it on good authority that a sizeable market share in measurable moronity is ours.

It was the whiny Libs of TikTok that channeled Jacqueline Jane’s supercilious, catty riffs about her vagina’s superiority. Contra the Libs, this mine-is-better-than-yours titillation is possible because, to an already propagandized, miseducated, low-IQ population, the zeitgeist now offers only agitprop as a resource on the subject of sex.

Consider: When women like your columnist were Jacqueline Jane’s age, one could read staple facts in the weekly, normie, woman’s magazine, pertaining to features that made a woman’s anatomy potentially more fantastical than Ali Baba’s cave. The suppression of once-popular and scientifically correct reading material about female anatomy and sexuality facilitates Jacqueline Jane‘s nonsense about her junk. Hers is ignorance-enabled idiocy.

Our current IT Girl is one Dylan Mulvaney – the transexual face of the Bud Light beer brand, who inadvertently mocks the beverage’s former consumers and womanhood all at once.

This beer baboonery is not so much Mulvaney’s doing. Ultimately, it’s not this poor waif, this pathetic chimera of a creature, who is at fault here. Rather, it’s a society’s rotten movers-and-shakers, embedded in institutions political, cultural and commercial – Anheuser-Busch, in this case – who have invited and encouraged desperately needy souls like Mulvaney to perform vulgarities on the national stage.

The purpose of the self-anointed cognoscenti is, very plainly, to unseat and insult the American moral majority.

For the World Athletics Council, it’s a bull’s-eye. Your columnist is an avid admirer of track-and-field. I’d sooner watch the relatively unknown new Usain Bolt, named Bouwahjgie Nkrumie, sprint 100 meters under 10 seconds, than spend five minutes spying the larded ball players in their dog muzzles, space helmets and shoulder pads.

The WAC represents athletes with true grit – who don’t get billions of dollars in contracts and other compensation, who run hundreds of miles without complaint, those who sprint fastest, swim stronger, and jump highest and furthest. And the WAC has banned trans athletes from female competitions. (The libertarian solution is to hold special games for trans athletes, where like competes against biological like.) Good news for my sports heroes.

QUESTION: What do you call a man who enjoys beating a woman in sports?


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