Trump was right about EVERYTHING! He needs our support

By Joseph Farah

You can see it for yourself now. It’s perfectly obvious to all of us. Donald Trump accurately called the stolen election in 2020, what followed in the Capitol “insurrection” and all that followed in America ever since. Just look at the Big Picture. Just watch how the Democrats changed their tactics and became tyrants.

That’s right. In case someone hasn’t noticed yet, the odds are they are actively considering another Big Steal in 2024 – or worse. They are actively building a police state, an authoritarian nightmare. It’s their only option to retain power.

First, they tried to sell the claim that 2020 was just another election – with Joe Biden receiving some 80 million votes – without even campaigning! Then they created, manufactured, dreamed up the Capitol sham. Next came the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Then Alvin Bragg’s gambit. And there are other states and jurisdictions set to wage lawfare against Trump this year. They’ll potentially be able to tie him up, not giving him time to campaign this year – or worse.

Nothing they do now would surprise me.

What they know is that Trump seriously threatens their New World Order, their Great Reset. They’ve already got the fake media in their pocket, Big Tech censors in place, unlimited money interests set up, the Deep State machinations. They have New York, California, Illinois and a few other clueless states they can count on. We have Donald Trump’s real popularity – up to 72% in some polls.

What else does the other side have?

“Republicans.” Yes, there are some actually rooting for the bad guys. You know some – Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, Sen. Mitt Romney, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. John Thune and a bunch of impostors – otherwise known as “neocons,” which translates to old-fashioned war hawks. Trump has reshaped this vestige of the old guard, hardly MAGA. They despise Trump – really detest him. Like the late John McCain, they were happy to advance the endless-war party. Trump changed that once and for all – thank goodness. Ukraine is the latest manifestation of it.

It’s a stacked deck; they’ve got everything … except for the people.

We’re supposed to a nation of the people and for the people. We should have learned from Ronald Reagan who explained that the military that stays strong will rarely be challenged. Trump inherently understood that and kept us in peace for four years.

“The media and Democrats and the Democrat Party and so forth, they’ve attempted to turn Donald Trump into a non-human,” Mark Levin said. “In fact, they’ve attempted to turn you into non-humans.”

“You and I are responsible for insurrections. You and I are responsible for racism in a white-dominate society. You and I just won’t relent to accepting redistribution of wealth, massive increases in taxes, a bloated centralized government, equity over equality, transgendering our children, critical race theory,” Levin said. “We just are standing in the way of progress, and Donald Trump is standing in the way of progress, too.”

He continued: “They’ve rounded up so far a thousand people from January 6, all of whom now have the scarlet letter of some kind of criminal plea agreement or prosecution that they will wear on their foreheads for the rest of their life. The U.S. attorney in Washington, D.C. – who has refused to prosecute almost 70% of the criminals who’ve been brought to him by the local police chief and the police department, because in D.C., it’s the U.S. attorney who does those prosecutions – has said there’s at least a thousand more people they intend to round up. … This is intended as an intimidation tactic, just as arresting and prosecuting people who protest in front of abortion clinics.”

Levin was red hot on his Fox News program the other night. Recall that he was not for Trump initially, but he has become a believer since 2020.

In pointing out the “two systems of justice,” Levin warned: “If you don’t have one system of justice, there’s no system of justice – period. When you lose the law, you lose your country. The Constitution doesn’t matter. The criminal code is used against your opponents; it’s politicized. You have the growth of a police state. That’s exactly what’s happening in this country.

“It’s my argument this evening that we’re already surrounded and immersed in a tyranny that’s unlike anything we’ve seen internally in the United States,” he said Sunday. “It’s time for we, the people who love this country, the people who are patriots – it is time for Republicans, moderate Democrats, Independents, people of goodwill to stand up and be heard. Of course, I’m not talking about violence. That’s the other side. I’m talking about democracy. I’m talking about the founding of this nation. You look at these issues that are being raised against Donald Trump; it’s not about the law. It’s not about taxes. It’s not about business filings. And did he put a issue in the right credit or debit column or anything of the sort? This is an effort to destroy Donald Trump.”

Levin said the left is threatened by Trump because it can’t beat him in a battle of ideas.

“They can’t win on the battle of ideas, and they have no intention of winning on the battle of ideas. This isn’t about some nondisclosure agreement or the president told somebody, help us find votes or to use a warrant and a SWAT team on a document case against a former president or to try and interfere with the constitutional process under Article II and use criminal prosecutors in the Department of Justice as opposed to Congress to resolve these issues,” he said.

Levin continued: “This is an onslaught by a Democrat Party who despises this country, who’s filled with individuals who despise this country, whose legislative efforts are to transform America into some kind of a tyranny. And that is what’s taking place.”

“We’ve crossed the Rubicon now where a former president who is the number one contender for the Republican nomination has been targeted and attacked. They seek to imprison him, not just charge him, but imprison him under charges in Washington they hope, and in Atlanta they hope, in New York they hope. They seek to overwhelm him, imprison him on state charges and on federal charges and choose the Republican nominee by the Democrat Party,” he stated. “The Democrat Party is a tyrannical party that is dragging this country into tyranny.”

Yes, Mark Levin is a strong voice for America in one of the most dangerous times ever. And President Trump is our champion.

“2024 is the final battle,” said President Trump in Waco, Texas, recently. “That’s going to be the big one. You put me back in the White House, their reign will be over, and America will be a free nation once again.”

We all need to back Trump now – our best hope for the future in the natural world. May God bless him, and may God bless America.

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