Biden is the last person who should lecture us on parenting

By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

Last month, President Joe Biden spoke at the National and State Teacher of the Year Celebration to honor the award recipient – high school teacher Rebekah Peterson. He praised her by stating, “Rebekah put a teacher’s creed into words when she said, ‘There is no such thing as someone else’s child.’ … Our nation’s children are all our children.”

With the declaration above, Biden basically suggests our children belong to the state. It was a message that did not go over well on social media, where users began a relentless attack on him.

Among the numerous biting comments Biden received was one from contributing editor Stephen Miller of The Spectator. He wrote, “Please run on that one,” adding sarcastically, “‘Our nation’s children are all ou[r] children and that’s why your daughter goes by Ralph now and ze/zer/xtey pronouns. Sorry.'”

There is one leader who would wholeheartedly endorse Biden’s declaration – North Korea’s Kim Jung-un. In a sad commentary on the state approach taken by the Hermit Kingdom, its children receive the worst of two worlds. Kim seeks to control their minds ideologically by teaching them socialism and hero-worship of their leadership while doing little to nurture their bodies. This is evidenced by the fact that more than a quarter of all children in the country are stunted due to chronic malnutrition.

Comparing the populations of North and South Korea provides a telling impact of a state like the former – which is committed to communism and mind control of its children – and the latter, which is committed to capitalism and parental control. The different approaches to child raising is reflected in height and weight norms. Those of North Koreans have steadily declined over the past several decades, while those of South Koreans have steadily increased. As a result, today, the average South Korean stands 5 inches taller and approximately 20 pounds heavier than his counterpart to the North. But that is what happens when a state focuses on ensuring the longevity and welfare of its leadership over that of its children.

A situation here in America where the state probably should have intervened in taking an active role in removing children from parental control is with Joe Biden’s offspring.

Joe’s younger son, Hunter, now 53, is a classic example of failed parenting. While Joe’s older son, Beau, was a role model for Hunter, he was one, sadly, Hunter chose not to embrace. Even before Beau’s 2015 death at age 46, Hunter had already demonstrated a penchant for self-gratification with his quests for drugs and prostitutes.

At age 42, Hunter sought and was given a special age waiver to serve in the Navy Reserves. He proved unable even to do that as he was kicked out a year later for testing positive for cocaine.

Today, congressional investigations are starting to uncover to what extent Hunter used his father’s influence for financial gain both as vice president and president and to continue satisfying his drug and sex habits. If there is any public figure worthy of being described as lacking social, redeeming value, Hunter is it – and Joe Biden deserves credit for molding him in that image.

Even Joe’s actions concerning his daughter Ashley, now 41, raise questions on another level. Ashley, who also suffered from drug and sex addiction, kept a diary that was either stolen or lost, resulting in its falling into the wrong hands and sold to the media. Parts of it were later published, alleging abuse.

She recounted, “I have always been boy crazy. Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with (a family member); I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).” The reported she also wrote that she believed the alleged showers with her father could have helped create her sex addiction.”

Suggesting he has the best interests of children at stake, Biden now seeks to impose domestic policies that undermine parents’ control of their own children – cutting them out from providing approval on school agendas and allowing young children to pursue transgenderism without their parents’ knowledge. Concerning school agendas, he has the audacity to say children do not belong to parents “when they are in the classroom.”

If one truly had the interests of children in mind, would that not be reflected in the upbringing of one’s own family? However, Biden refuses even to recognize a granddaughter – a love child fathered by Hunter and and born to former stripper Lunden Roberts, even after Hunter’s denial of paternity was proven false by DNA testing. That girl is now 4 years old and has yet to see her father or to be acknowledged by her grandfather. Meanwhile, Hunter seeks to reduce child support and to prevent his daughter from taking on the Biden family name. While an Arkansas court maintains jurisdiction over Hunter concerning matters pertaining to child support, its judge is tiring of Hunter’s lack of integrity concerning his financial records, which may result in him facing jail time. Interestingly, Roberts’ legal team in this case recently brought onboard Garrett Ziegler, who was part of the Marco Polo project that analyzed Hunter’s laptop and identified over 400 potential crimes he committed.

The extreme to which grandfather Biden has taken his refusal to recognize his grandchild is despicable, cruelly stating that he has “six” grandchildren, publicly excluding her. Meanwhile, Joe assists Hunter avoid being served with legal process by allowing him to stay at the White House and travel with him. Nothing like a parent helping an irresponsible man-child escape accountability.

It is clear from father Joe’s track record of raising his own children he is the last person to be setting public policies for America’s parents to follow regarding their children.

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