Biden proposes even more restrictions on prayer in school!

By Bob Unruh

A new plan from the Biden administration to update guidance regarding prayer in public schools means a crackdown on that activity, suggests a new report from Decision Magazine.

In fact, a lawyer for the ADF, which has fought multiple court cases regarding student speech in schools, warned the new Biden plan appears to be “suggesting that schools have to purge religious messages from any student speech if the school in any way controls the student’s speech.”

He pointed out that Biden also plans to eliminate “two sections that protected the rights of students and teachers,” including a provision allowing students to pray during lunch hours.

“This could lead to more violations of students’ rights to pray during free time, just like what happened to ADF client Chase Windebank in Windebank v. Academy School Dist. #20,” he explained.

The report explained the ADF is one of two legal groups to have expressed concern about the Biden administration’s “new guidance,” called “Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer and Religious Express in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools.”

It was released by the Biden administration just days ago.

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The Department of Education claims the new Biden rules are to give “information on the current state of the law concerning constitutionally protected prayer and religious expression in public schools.”

“We respect that the Biden administration acknowledges the important religious liberty rights of public school employees as the Supreme Court declared in its Kennedy decision last year,” explained Keisha Russell, counsel at the First Liberty Institute.

The problem is, however, that the new rules appear to be based on the now-defunct Lemon precedent in the Supreme Court, which has abandoned those standards.

They allowed the government to make decisions on religious issues “as long as that involvement served a secular purpose, did not inhibit or advance religion, and did not result in an excessive entanglement of church and state,” the report said.

Decision reported Chaufen warned the Biden rules could lead to confusion, pointing out the plan removes a section “that ensured that student groups could choose group leaders that agree with the groups’ mission.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although millions of American parents send their precious children off to public school every day, imagining their kids’ days will be filled with reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, sports and music, they’re not only in for a shock – but for total BETRAYAL. Today’s “public” (government) schools have become far-left ideological, political and religious indoctrination centers aimed at reprogramming and transforming America’s children.

Kids are being taught to HATE their own country and to see themselves and their parents as racists – or victims of racists. They are sexualized and corrupted, and many are groomed into the dark LGBT world, with almost 6,000 schools prohibiting parents from even hearing about their child’s transgender “transition.” In between all the far-left indoctrination and sexual corruption, teachers take time to scare children to death about the near-term end of life on earth due to “catastrophic climate change.” Another lie. But it’s all classic Marxism/communism, with even the “3 R’s” – reading, writing and arithmetic – now being corrupted with “woke,” “1984”-style madness.

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