Border chaos is part of Joe’s diabolical plan

By Mike Pottage

In March of 2021, Joe Biden issued Executive Order 14019 to all federal agencies: Develop a plan to sign up and register people to vote. The order contained the usual rhetoric about race and discrimination, income equity, all the “isms” of communism. The order ignored the constitutional design that placed responsibility for election management with the states and local government. It ignored the law.

“Agencies shall consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process. (a) The head of each agency shall evaluate ways in which the agency can, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, promote voter registration and voter participation.” Words of revolution flow from the White House briefing room.

Constitutional procedures be damned. Joe Biden has a better way to run this country than prescribed 230 plus years ago. He wants voter registration and ballot processing federalized, and this is part of that effort.

Information about the implementation of Executive Order 14019 is blocked by the Department of Justice, claiming presidential privilege. In January of this year, 36 members of Congress asked Biden for details on how his order was being fulfilled.

While congressional inquiries have been discarded by Team Biden, a study by the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with several other liberal groups, reported it was pleased with the implementation so far.

That ought to give the average American concern about the honesty of the Biden executive order.

In an seemingly unrelated event, in August of 2022, President Biden sought passage of legislation authorizing the hiring of 87,000 Internal Revenue Service agents. Why? The press never asked. The media just regurgitated quotes from the briefing room. And the Republicans immediately missed the target and jumped on the opportunity to suggest the Biden administration was going to audit everyone.

The media generally ignored the Republicans, and “fact checkers” all around editorialized that the Biden effort would bring the IRS to staffing levels it should have had years ago.

End of story, right? Not quite.

The IRS is part of the Biden voter-registration campaign, placing it in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, program, which caters to low-income Americans. By limiting the program to VITA, the IRS guarantees the majority of folks to opt to register will be from a major Democratic constituency.

Fred Lucas at The Daily Signal explored all this sleight of hand in some depth on May 11, raising the important question: Why would only leftists groups, like the SPLC, be purview to the federalization of local voter registration duties?

As details about the federal plan to register voters come to light, it seems there is a national emergency and we must get everyone registered, citizen or not! The process coincides with the official Biden opening of the U.S. borders to the Third World.

The estimates are between 4 and 6 million citizens of other nations now enjoy Biden’s new America. And another 6 to 10 million plan their immediate arrival. No paperwork is required. Why not?

Democrats already have adopted the “everyone can vote” model for illegal aliens in both California and New York. The campaign is underway to do the same in several other states, and so now the IRS, too, will be focused upon registering low-income folks.

“Sir, you want to register Democrat? Right? Yes, Democrat it is.”

Now we have a plausible answer why Biden wanted more IRS agents, and why he ordered all federal agencies and bureaus to develop programs to register people to vote. It pays to plan ahead. Crazy does not seem so crazy if you ask, “Why?”

It is a diabolical political master plan, one might even say revolutionary.

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