Deep State death throes

By Craige McMillan

Jesus answered, “You’re off base on two counts: You don’t know what God said, and you don’t know how God works …” (Matthew 22:29 MSG).

In case you’ve missed it, God has been at war with the Deep State, both in America and in other nations, for the last few years. If the Deep State and its minions were even a tiny fraction as smart as they think they are, they would have waved the white flag of surrender even before the 2020 election.

But they’re not that smart. Instead, they began to believe their own drivel that “God is dead,” and they therefore have no opposition. The first casualties of a lie are usually the liars spreading the lie. That’s because they are the easiest to convince.

Instead of God dying, Satan’s minions among humanity have ensured their own destruction at their own hands. What they had planned to do to God’s people will now be turned upon them (the Haman effect with the gallows, from the book of Esther).

Perhaps God takes a certain pleasure in watching His enemies destroy themselves. It takes a fair amount of “doing” to actually become the enemy of a loving God, but if you are persistent and hardworking, it can be done. At that point, your only option is repentance before God and His forgiveness. God has never been defeated. Defeat would be a tall order for Someone who sees “the end from the beginning.” But go ahead and give it a try, folks. What could possibly go wrong?

The Deep State is desperately trying to create chaos around the globe, whether by pestilence or war. Chaos and its accompanying “emergencies” are their best friends: They love to sidestep constitutional processes and govern by emergencies (which appear nowhere in the Constitution, because the founders were smarter than that). They also love big wealth transfers, from those who earned it to those who steal it, because that is who they are. They are not going to love this wealth transfer God has in store for them. The devil is going to begin the tribulation woke and broke.

All the front-lines turmoil the Deep State has been working on to steal the world and humanity from our Creator God is now being turned against them and will cause their ultimate destruction. God’s game plans were already available to them in the Old Testament, but perhaps they thought, “That was then and this is now!” God’s view is, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I guess we will see which view prevails.

The Deep State does go back a long time. When Nehemiah received permission from the Babylonian king to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Deep Staters appeared to stall the work, even if it meant killing the rebuilders. The rebuilders stationed guards on the wall at the building sites, ignored pleas for meetings and instead continued on with the rebuilding work.

I don’t think today’s Deep State is smart enough to realize they have ended up fighting against God. Let’s not the rest of us make that same mistake in judgment. God intends to finish off these people and annihilate their efforts to take over the earth, humanity and the rest of His creation. Don’t let the gates of hell hit you in the a** on your way inside, boys. Eternity is a very long time, indeed.

The Armageddon Novel series by Craige McMillan

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