Front line of the culture war: Government schools

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Conservatives must consider a tough decision in order for America to survive. David Horowitz gets it. He wrote, “By now it should be obvious, even to conservatives, that we are in a war.”

Mr. Horowitz is correct. We are in a war. But conservative leaders (like you) need to understand where the front line is located. The Left clearly understands. If our side (the Right) does not take action at the front line, no matter how many elections we win in the short run, we will lose the war.

The front line of this war is for the hearts and minds of the precious children of America. No sane military force sends raw recruits to be trained in the boot-camp of the enemy. If we keep our children in public schools, we are going to produce more Leftists.

If we do not win the hearts and minds of the next generation – it is all a waste! We must rescue our children!

Dennis Prager said, “The best way to defeat the Left is to take your kids out of their schools.”

I have quotes from the Left to back up my claim. I also, have ample material to help folks who understand this Dunkirk time we are in. I do not make a penny from the website. My goal is to win this war.

You must, without equivocation, call for conservatives to permanently remove their children from public schools. You must make this call frequently. To do any less will contribute to the fall of America.

Karl Priest

A top-notch news organization

Mr. Farah,

I appreciate your dedication to God’s Word, professional journalism and getting the truth out. You have a top-notch, first-class organization with contribution from some of the finest people and greatest minds in America.

Thank you for persevering through some of the toughest battles, and most difficult and trying circumstances that a person can face. I and many others are very thankful for your miraculous recovery.

No one ever regrets doing the right thing. And standing for truth is the right thing to do. The Lord never said that it would be easy; He only said that He would be with us as we go through it. Praise God for that.

God bless you all and keep up the good work!


Awakening needed but not likely

Dear Joseph: I have written before and will do so again. Unless America repents and turns wholeheartedly back to God, we are not coming back.

God has shown us more grace than we could ever expect, and even those who profess Christ do not live according to that profession. We are collectively driven by our pursuit of safety, security and pleasure, while barely giving a thought to the things of God. We think and hope that if Trump becomes the president again we will be brought back to our position of influence and glory, but it will not be so.

America needs an awakening, but I don’t believe it will happen. God has placed a burden for our future on my heart, yet even now I am not repenting and mourning for this nation.

Pray for our country. We need it more than even. Please ask that God will awaken us before it’s too late.

God bless.


Follow the science on AR-15s

A thought on fact-checking, disinformation and science deniers: One sees it frequently written (elsewhere) that AR-15 style rifles are excessively powerful.

“How powerful is an AR-15?” is a question of physics, the most precise and arguably the most truthful of the sciences. The question is answered in terms of how much kinetic energy its bullets have. There are two relevant formulas from basic physics: Energy = (1/2) mass times velocity-squared = force times distance. Tables of how 5.56-NATO (AR=-15 cartridge) bullet-velocity depends upon barrel-length are readily found by an internet search.

Because of their short (16-20 inch) barrels and the “force times distance” law, AR15s are 15-20% less powerful than full-sized (24-inch barreled) rifles firing exactly the same ammunition. From the first equation, one sees also that the AR-15s are less than one-third as powerful as the 1903 Springfield rifles carried by U.S. forces in World War I (and likewise for the M1 Garand of World War II).

Claiming that AR-15s are excessively powerful is science denial and as such should always be fact-checked as disinformation.


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