Why Gen Zers are gobbling up flip phones and rejecting smartphones

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(Photo by Curology on Unsplash)
(Photo by Curology on Unsplash)

(FOX NEWS) — Hold the phone – literally. The latest craze sweeping Generation Z isn’t a cutting-edge gadget with a gazillion apps – it’s the good old-fashioned flip phone. This begs the question, could the kids be yearning for simpler times, or are they just fed up with their smartphones?

You might say flip phones are the little engine that could. Just when we thought they were long gone, they’re flipping back into our lives, and who’s leading the charge? Gen Z, of course. They’ve discovered the benefits of a phone that doesn’t bombard them with notifications and are not shy about showing it off. In a world of sleek, shiny smartphones, these retro gadgets stand out like a sore thumb – a very fashionable sore thumb, that is.

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Let’s not forget the power of nostalgia. Sure, these flip phones might not boast the latest features or take the sharpest photos, but they’re a ticket to a time when life was sure simpler. Maybe Gen Z is on to something here – less is more, and there’s something endearing about flipping open a phone to answer a call like it’s straight out of a ’90s sitcom.

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